This item has been removed.
There's no way to get this item in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"My map, my rules. THIS WILL BE DELETED"
―XelPixels (AKA PlaceRebuilder)


XelPixels HQ is basically an office-themed crossroads map. As per the name, we can consider this as PlaceRebuilder's home base.

It was the third map implemented into R2DA, and the first map to be removed.

Background Story

This place was one of the first to start developing a cure for the SANI Virus. Some people like to say that these companies saw SANI as a threat to society even before the epidemic even started.

For such an isolated location, they seemed pretty secure. Any zombie that would approach the compound would be shot. Any people who would enter were throughly checked for any sign of infection.

Yet... it still fell. With such security, it wasn't long until the people inside the limits started to suspect each other. Who was the person that released hell on them willingly?

They were so close to a cure, and now all their work was lost.


Survivors spawn in the middle of the crossroads.

In the smallest corner, a small tank is seen on display along with some bike racks. There is a tunnel you can use to get to the other side of the road without using the road itself.

Using the tunnel, you arrive at a café complete with an outdoor setting. This corner mainly references the map creator, QuadraticVision. Another tunnel can be seen.

Using that tunnel, you emerge facing a small storage yard. Beside it, stands an office building with a parking lot in front. Behind the building is a ramp that leads into a car park.

Crossing the street, you can see another storage yard, albeit smaller. A another office building with a statue of PlaceRebuilder can be seen.

Barricades block the streets, but there's invisible walls surrounding the whole place anyways.


XelPixelsHQ had several issues during its very short lifetime in R2DA, most notably:

  • Extreme lag from the unions
  • Errors in loading the map

With these reasons, and many more, PlaceRebuilder decided to quickly axe this map from the game.


  • Watch out for certain spots. The lag you might encounter may be the death of you.
  • The office buildings are cramped. Be sure that you know what are you doing, or you will be easily overwhelmed.


  • Since this was removed before you were allowed to use your normal avatar as a zombie, you could only play this map as a Normal Zombie, as OfficeMan and OfficeWomen.
  • You can find and play the original map here.
  • This was the only map to have invisible barriers to prevent people falling off the map until Zero Kelvin Station was released.

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