The Winscreen is where you normally end up if you win a round, with the exception of Boss Rounds, where those who win the round remain on the boss arena.


Version 0 (v0.0.0)

The Winscreen did not exist at the time, so you would just stay where you are and a "Victory!" sign would appear when you won a round.

Version 1 (v0.2.3)

The first ever Winscreen. How it looked is unknown, but there definitely wasn't a MVP screen.

Version 2 (v0.3.5)

This was the second ever Winscreen applied in R2DA but also lacked a MVP screen.

This version was the first to include fences on both sides of the survivors. Props, such as some trash and a bricked building were added.

All zombies could spawn into this Winscreen, including Brutes.


Version 3 (v0.3.6)

This version included a MVP screen, but it was incredibly small. It was next to the bricked building.

This was exactly the same to Version 1 except for the addition of the screen.

To prevent a Brute from easily smashing everyone to death, PlaceRebuilder opted to only allow normal zombies to teleport here in v0.3.8, and this rule has been enforced since.


Version 4 (Release)

This version was similar to 1 and 2 but had a larger MVP screen which remains to this day.


Version 4 (Halloween 2016)

Decorated with Halloween Items to celebrate the ongoing event.


Version 5 (v0.8.4)

Completely new Winscreen, apart from the buildings at the side.

RobloxScreenShot12012016 183627683

Version 6 (Christmas 2016)

Decorated with Christmas Items to celebrate the ongoing event.

There was a glitch where the Winscreen would flash, and both the old and the new "Victory!" text would appear without anyone being teleported subsequent to beating Rhi-snow.


Version 7 (v0.9.2)

Similar to 5, but no "You're Winner!" text on the podium. MVP screen has been redesigned to include blue strips.


Version 8 (v0.9.5)

Blue cliffs are seen down the sides instead of buildings along with some other minor changes.

There was a glitch where the Winscreen would flash, and both the old and the new "Victory!" text would appear without anyone being teleported subsequent to beating Chronos XI.


Version 9 (v1.0.7)

Exactly the same to Version 8, but with the test strip at the bottom, primary used for Party Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch to indicate which party/team won.

Mad cars

Version 10 (Christmas 2017)

Similar to last year's one albeit it, minor tweaks. The angel's wings move in this version.
RobloxPlayerBeta 2018-01-04 13-37-11

Version 11 (v1.1.0)

Similar to version 9, except a slightly different shade of green for the ground and the blue background wall.



  • Use any unused Defibrillators here as it is your last opportunity to do so.
  • You can scale the fences to grab some last-second cash from the teleported zombies.
    • You can easily just chuck a Grenade or a Molotov down, though. It's not like dying matters at this point anyways.
      • Doing this when there is an abundant amount of zombies is some sort of way to get cash.
    • You could also use your melees to kill them.


  • This is a returning feature from R2D 2014.
  • You can pick up Snowballs from the ground of the Winscreen.
  • Sometimes, instead of the fixed camera you see here, your camera is free to move around.
    • This mostly occurs when you are spectating someone.
  • Survivors who die during this period will not respawn. Their bodies will remain until the Intermission begins.
  • Often when you win a round of Chronos Quest there is a great chance of you dying because of fall damage.