"Chk chk, boom. Annihilate zombies close-range and laugh at 'em as you maniacally blow chunks of the infected apart with this weapon. The dead will wish they didn't rise."


A shotgun that packs a powerful punch, this can rip through the greatest of foes with speeds comparable to the high-rank guns. Only downside is that you run out of ammo quickly, but hey, with something as reliable as this...who needs reloading?

Background Story

After the release of the first few mass-produced weapons by L-Brain Sidework, noticing the popularity of the DB Shotgun led R-Brain Hardwork to create this shotgun. Packed with firepower and the ability to tear apart almost all zombies with a single shot, many swear by the sheer firepower of the Wingmaster. Veterans tell tales of themselves when they only used this weapon, back before the months where more expensive weapons were released. Although it may not be considered the most powerful shotgun, the Wingmaster was, during its time, one of the best weapons available.


  • Reload whenever possible, you won't lose ammo in the process.
    • If you have 0 shells loaded, you can reload 1 and shoot it immediately, no need to fully reload the gun.
  • Be careful when shooting this around a Ticker, or you may end up killing yourself from a barrel explosion.
    • Try tripping it and then carefully killing it from a safe distance.
  • Like the DB Shotgun, this is also effective against Edgars.
  • Even though this has 140 range, it's best not to try and use it at long range. It is still a shotgun.
  • This weapon is surprisingly lethal at medium ranges. Aim for the head, and your adversaries will explode!
  • Compared to the other shotguns, the Wingmaster reloads the fastest.
  • Don't get fooled, as the stored ammo on this gun are shells, not clips.
    • As such, you can fire the Wingmaster 11 times before needing to restock.
    • Similar to the other two shotguns, armors that give extra clips will simply give you extra shells to fire with.
  • This weapon fires 8 shots simultaneously, dealing up to 208 damage!


  • This was the second shotgun to be added to R2DA.
    • This shotgun is possibly the reincarnation of the Shotgun from R2D 2014.
    • This was one of the six weapons to be converted from CSG.
  • The accuracy was lowered from 77 to 22 in v0.9.4.
  • The Wingmaster originally cost 14,000$ but it was reduced to 9,500$ in a later update.
  • The firing sound used to be higher pitched and you used to be able to fire the Wingmaster a lot quicker.
  • To previously buy a Wingmaster you had to own a DB Shotgun.

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