Weapons are one of the four primary aspects of the Reason 2 Die series. They are used solely by Survivors with the goal of helping the team reach their objective by killing a variety of Zombies. There are multiple kinds of weapons in the game with each with its own skins and statistics. At the beginning, only the Steyr M is unlocked while the rest aren't. The only way to acquire all non-event weapons is by grinding for Cash. All weapons are available to use, but moderators and developers are allowed to wield some exclusive weapons.

ButtonSteyrM ButtonColtPython ButtonM93R-0 ButtonDBShotgun-0 ButtonSkorpion ButtonR700-0
ButtonDragunov-2 ButtonR870 ButtonM16A1-0 ButtonMinigun ButtonFATAL5-0 ButtonM202
ButtonSpas12 ButtonThompson-0 ButtonFlamethrower ButtonXmasLauncher ButtonAK-47 ButtonCK Swat
ButtonBarret50c ButtonM249 RPG-0 ButtonFamas ToybowButton ButtonMini Uzi
ButtonChristmasTree ButtonNewspaper ButtonBell-0 ButtonShovel ButtonRambo-0 MiniButtonAxe
ButtonBaseballBat-1 ButtonKarambit ButtonChainsaw TInpot Button ButtonTorch ButtonIcestaff
MP5Button KalashButton M4A1Button RailGUNButton Glock Button BazookaButton

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