An example of the Vote Kick working on a Guest. This kick was false, and the offender was later banned.


Vote Kick was a feature in R2D 2014 which was added to R2DA in v0.8.2.

Instead of the option to kick normal players, it only applies to guests. This was to counteract the abuse which was prominent in the former. For any regular user giving the server trouble, you can just Modcall.

A yes vote counts as 1 point, while a no vote counts as 1.5 points. For any vote to succeed, the former must overtake the latter.


  1. Open up the Leaderboard by pressing the Tab key.
  2. Click the offending Guest on the player list. A small button reading "Kick" should appear beside it.
  3. Click this small button, and the game will automatically start a vote.
    • You can be banned for kicking a Guest without a valid reason. Be reasonable.

Valid Reasons

  • Repeated glitching out of the map.
  • Exploiting, as in:
    • Flying around.
    • Extreme jump height.
    • Clipping through the map.
    • Exceeding normal walkspeeds.
    • Unlimited ammo capacity.
    • Spiked character health.
  • Kicking another Guest.

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