An example of the Vote Kick working on a Guest. This kick was false, and the offender was later banned.


Vote Kick was a feature in the old Reason 2 Die and has returned to R2DA. Instead of the option to kick normal players, it only applies to guests.

Eligible To Kick

  • Glitching
  • Exploiting
    • Flying
    • 0% Gravity
    • No-clip
    • Speed Hack (as a Survivor)
    • Infinite Ammo (as a Survivor)
    • Spiked Health (as a Survivor)
  • Kicking another Guest (for non-vaild reason)


  1. Press the Tab button.
  2. Click the offending Guest on the Leaderboard.
  3. A small button reading "Kick" should appear beside the Guest.
  4. Click "Kick", and the game will start a vote.
    • You can be banned for kicking a Guest without an actual valid reason (reasons above).


  • This feature was meant for Guest exploiters and glitchers only.
    • If you see a regular player exploit, Modcall.
  • This feature was added in v0.8.2

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