"This is a legit attachment. 10/10 would use again."


If you are tired of the Ironsights and cannot afford the LP Hawkview yet, this is the recommended attachment for the Remington 700. It will probably be your first attachment buy, too.

Background Story

The Vortex Viper 30mm scope was originally created for warfare and hunting. However, soldiers and hunters fought, but eventually lost their lives by the SANI Virus. When the apocalypse began, it was given to the survivors.

It allows for precise shots at long range at the cost of being terrible for close ranged combat. The scope is like a viper, ready to ambush its prey.


  • Use this scope to see mobs that are farther away.
    • Helpful to scout out normal and special infected zombies.
  • Highly recommend to use at long-range, as close-range will get you easily killed from Brutes, Leapers, etc.
  • Best for large maps such as 1930's Kingstreet, as there are many tactical points to snipe from.
  • Sometimes when you snipe zombies in the distance, the bullet might not be able to hit the target.


  • This is currently the oldest available scope in R2DA.
    • The oldest scope, even if it is a holographic scope, is the XPS3-2.
  • Scope changed appearance when the Remington 700 became meshed.
  • Before v0.7.8, this scope used to give +25 Accuracy and +100 Range.
  • The Leupold Mark 4 gives the same buffs as the Vortex Viper 30mm, but the Leupold is more expensive.

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