"Universe of Yin-Yang release."


It's just an expansive, completely white, completely flat map.

This is your destination if you ban all of the Maps while customizing your VIP Server or you ban all game modes that don't support all your allowed maps.

Background Story

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The only things of interest are the four Ammo Stations presumably set in the centre of this entire thing.

This is effectively a giant baseplate that spreads for studs as far as the eye can see. There are edges to this map, but it will take you over a minute to get there if you start sprinting from the centre.


  • Even if it seems expansive, there are edges to this map.
    • There are no invisible walls to stop you from walking off the sides, so pay attention.
  • Since this map is entirely flat, bringing along long-ranged weapons are recommended.
  • The Hammer is banned in the Void, so don't bring them along.
  • As the four Ammo Stations that exist are grouped together, it may seem wise to just stay near that area.
    • If you are venturing out, buying some Extra Ammo through the In-Game Store will be helpful.
    • To traverse this map, spawning in the M939 can be useful.
  • Make sure to keep track of zombies during Arena.
    • The huge map allows them to run far away from other survivors.
  • Zombies have no set spawn location, however, they only have one spawn location.
    • Every so often, the spot where zombies spawn from changes randomly to keep you on your toes.
  • As of v1.0.0a, Diggers can now use their Dig ability on this map.
  • Even after the timer hits 0:00 during Survival, the round won't automatically end.


  • This map was thought to be removed but was later discovered through a glitched server.
  • This is presumably the largest map ever in the R2D series.
  • This page is now marked as the R2DA Wikia's 300th Page!

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