"Universe of Yin-Yang release."


It's just an expansive, completely white, completely flat map.

This is created if you ban all maps when customising your VIP Server.

Background Story

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The only thing of interest are the four Ammo Stations presumably set in the centre of this entire thing.

This is effectively a giant baseplate that spreads for studs as far as the eye can see.


  • Even if it seems expansive, there are edges to this map.
    • There are no invisible walls to stop you from walking off the sides, so pay attention.
  • Since this map is entirely flat, bringing along long-ranged weapons are recommended.
  • The Hammer is banned in the Void, so don't bring them along.
  • As the four Ammo Stations that exist are grouped together, it may seem wise to just stay near that area.
    • If you are venturing out, buying some Extra Ammo through the In-Game Store will be helpful.
    • To traverse this map, spawning in the M939 can be useful.
  • Make sure to keep track of zombies during Arena.
    • The huge map allows them to run far away from other survivors.
  • As of v1.0.0a, Diggers can now use their Dig ability on this map.
  • Even after the timer hits 0:00 during Survival, the round won't automatically end.


  • This map was thought to be removed but was later discovered through a glitched server.
  • Zombies seem to spawn randomly throughout the map at random times. Sometimes they spawn near ammo boxes, other times they spawn near the edge of the map.
  • This is presumably the largest map ever in the R2D series.
  • This page is now marked as the R2DA Wikia's 300th Page!

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