"You thought the virus wouldn't travel through sea? Think again."


Victoria Harbor is considered a controversial map, as it contains a lot of free models. Although it was not the first map to contain free models, this one has been the front of a lot of criticism.

This map holds two records: it is the second largest map behind 1930's Kingstreet, and it is also the second most open map behind Last Harvest.

Background Story

As more and more airlines closed their doors and cruises stopped running because of the SANI Virus, people looked for other ways to travel. Stowing away on a shipping freight was one of them.

When an unmarked ship came rolling in one morning, dock workers went to inspect the cargo. They didn't find a group of stowaways, but instead found a horde of zombies looking for their next victim.


This is a rather colourful and retro-looking map.

On the west end is a large pile of shipping crates. You can easily parkour around this part of the map to escape from zombies.

In the middle is a warehouse that is filled with various props. However, the inside is still quite open and it shouldn't really impede you from escaping a horde. Outside, there is a ladder that you can climb up on to get on the warehouse roof.

On the east end is a small building. You can easily climb up on the roof using the walls on the side. Nearby is a Helipad, but the path there is rather obstructed.

Floating in the water is a large ship.


  • One can take a shortcut on top of the ship by sprint-jumping from the nearby crane's lowest support bars.
    • You will most likely fail to get the needed sprint jump height, and fall into the water and die.
      • Exercise caution whenever you do this.
    • The safer way is to climb up the ladder to the top of the crane, and jump down from there onto the ship.
  • Being such a big and open map, medium-range to long-range weapons such as the AK-47 and the Barrett 50 Cal. are recommended.
  • The wall of terrain will kill on touch. Be careful if you happen to find yourself near it.
  • Using the Bell, you can easily camp on the boat as the attraction radius is large enough to make zombies dive into the water.


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