• + means the addition of anything.
    • Additional information is in this.
  • ^ means the edit of a feature.
    • Additional information is in this.
  • * means the patch of a problem.
    • Additional information is in this.
  • - means the removal of something.
    • Additional information is in this.
  • [DS] means Default skin.
  • [SM] means Sightmark.
  • [Att] means Attachment.
  • [HG] means High Graphics
  • [LG] means Low Graphics

Update 1.0.8

+Added Dual Mini Uzis [WEAP]
+Added Yeti II [BOSS]
+Added 'Hunt for Yeti II' [QUEST MAP]
+Added Cake Kingdom [MAP]
+Added Tomahawk [ITEM]
+Added 'Yeti Helmet' [ARMOR]
+Added Gingerbread [ARMOR]
+Added common Gift [ITEM]
+Added Rare Gift [ITEM]
+Added Legendary Gift [ITEM]
+Added Snowball [ITEM]
+Added Candycane [ITEM]
+Added whole new throw system for items (!)
     Grenade, Molotov, Steil, Flash..
     Launch guide can be disabled in settings
+Added 'Frostbite' state
+Added Christmas zombies
     10% of non-npc mobs are christmas mobs
     they wear christmas hats and drop Tickets! :D
+Added Yeticrates
+Added Candycane skins to AK47, Steyr, M202, Bat, Minigun
     found in Yeticrates
+Added new christmas intro
^Snow remake of Kingstreet, Shootem up, Tokyo
     big thanks to BelowNatural!
     incl. SBF gamemode
^Flash now does stun enemies
     Humans: 3 seconds, Zombies: 5 seconds, NPCs: 10 seconds
^Added throwing sounds to Grenade
^Flash and Steil is now droppable on death
^Grenade cooking time re-added
^Custom support for BlueSnowmanHatAndScarf hat
     because I like that hat :P
*Fixed no-mesh gate on Chronos Quest
*Fixed Wraith not rewarding cash
*Fixed TDM Flags not reseting between rounds

Patch 1.0.8a

+Added Common Gift gamepass
+Added Rare Gift gamepass
+Added Legendary Gift gamepass
+Added Reload sounds to Mini Uzi
^Gifts spawn on all gamemodes except boss, quest etc.
^Optimized Frostbite
*Fixed Yeti health showing negativ
*Fixed Pipebomb
*Fixed Airstrike stuck on hand
*Fixed Mini Uzi left flash
*Fixed CSG Armor when frostbite
*Fixed Kingstreet Snowtides icon
*Fixed Brute frostbite smash/throw
*Fixed Gifts not spawning 2nd round
*Fixed loosing arms after frostbite
*Fixed Edgar frozen
*Fixed Leaper frozen
*Fixed FPS cam while frozen
*Fixed Yeti healthbar not appearing in spectate
*Fixed Frozen penguins
*Fixed Charactermesh texture issues
*Fixed Yeti Helmet giving 2 mags
*Fixed Yeti quest map glitch areas

Patch 1.0.8b

+Added Christmas Decoration to Bat [ATT]
     sold limited time only
+Added Candycane to Tinpot, Flamethrower [SKIN]
+Added TDM to Mogadishu, Terminal
^Changed Teamspawns on Zero
*Fixed throwables stuck in hand
*Fixed Broken shop in menu

Update 1.0.7

+Added MS. Antaress to Greenlight [MAP]
+Added Party Deathmatch [GM]
+Added Party size option to VIP servers
     default is 4 players
+Added Steil Grenade [ITEM]
+Added Capture base objectives to TDM
+Added TDM to Kingstreet
+Added support for teamtalk on TDM
     write 'p your message' - just like party chat!
+Added 'Mouse speed' setting
     this combined with ROBLOX 'Camera Sensitivity' sets your speed
+Added 'NPC limit' option to VIP servers
+Added partycolor outline on headtags
^Taken Party colors are not unselectable
^TDM spawnshields only last 1 second now
^M16A1 price changed from 18k -> 15k
*Fixed superfast FPS camera?
*Fixed unable to invite 4th member to party
*Fixed unable to invite certain people to party
*Fixed preload errors
*Fixed water death glitch
*Fixed alot of empty killedby images
-Removed 'Slow mouse' option
     >use 'Mouse speed' option instead

Patch 1.0.7a

^Tutorial is now available for everyone until completed
^Tutorial zombies made slower
^Golumns and Stone Golumns now use correct healthtags
^Barret got nerfed in PDM (same as TDM)
*Fixed NPCs not spawning (!)
*Fixed Flamethrower in all gamemodes
*Fixed tutorial no starting
*Fixed Singleplayer spawn as zombie
*Fixed Stone Golumns disappearing (!)
*Fixed AI rubberband behaivor
*Fixed PDM noparty no win glitch
*Fixed wierd winmessage
*Fixed steil handle collision
*Fixed Hipfire inaccuracy not enabled
*Fixed Punch/Kick whilst ragdoll

Update 1.0.6

+Added new map, cant say which one cause roblox filter is terrible! [MAP]
^New efficient healthbar system
^Starlight now works on NPCs
^Bell now works on NPCs
*Fixed walking ragdoll
     one way it happend atleast
*Fixed Karambit glitching
*Fixed Hawkview collision
*Fixed Mac Mouse (!)
*Fixed Water glitching
-Removed energybar redline limit

Update 1.0.5

+Added Torch [MELEE]
     found in Pumpkin Chest
     OR bought for 1,499 tickets
+Added Tickets reward (25-75 T$) to Regular chests
+Added Tutorial
     only players who never played R2DA can access it
+Added lava spouts to Hallowen Quest
^Cleaned up Cashshop
^Improved client serverload speed
     might decrease risk of meshes not loading ?
*Fixed Boo capturing survivors
*Fixed teleporting under lava on Quest
*Fixed surviving under lava on Quest
*Fixed Lord Pumpkin exploding himself
*Fixed Fireball glitch
*Chest rewards now roundup amounts
*Fixed Team healthbars
*Fixed crouch-moving when opening chests

Update 1.0.4

+Added Lord Pumpkin Jr. [BOSS]
+Added Halloween Skincrate (!)
     found in Lord Pumpkin bosscrate
     OR bought for 500 tickets
+Added Chainsaw [WEAP]
     stats and functionallity will change later
+Added Halloween 2017 [SKIN]
     to Steyr, Karambit, Minigun, M249, DB Shotgun, Shovel, Rambo
+Added Soulblade to Karambit [SKIN]
+Added PvE to Cafe County
+Added Tinpot [WEAP]
+Added Pumpkin Pie, Hallows Bomb and Boopacks! [ITEM]

Update 1.0.3

+Added NPC Zombies (!)
     support added to Fox, NoMercy and Farmhouse
+Added 'Singleplayer' (!)
+Added PVE Gamemode
     only on maps supporting NPCs
     only requires 1 player to start
+Added Vengence, Sight Marker, Royal Thunder, Trainee, Deus Ex, Beehive [SKINS]
     to Famas and M249
+Added The Arbitrator to Famas [SKIN]
+Added rank limit to lobby
+Added red deadtag when unrevivable
+Added countdown on deadtag
+Added 'Recived item from' popup when given pills
+Added RSC to Tokyo [GM]
^New outfit loader (!)
     fixes some inf. server loading issues
     much faster than previous version
^All doors now use same CustomPhysicalProperty
^Changed Famas DMG from 23 -> 30 (!)
^Changed Famas Ammo from 42 -> 30
^Ticker clothes not mesh anymore
^New more efficient and responsive Healthbar system
^Nerfed electric elm-body shock
     takes 5 second to cooldown
*Fixed wrong door opening glitch
*Fixed forever Zapped bug (!)

Update 1.0.2

+Added New ranks!
     lowerd exp limit per rank
     EXP Compensation - you probably ranked up!
+Added Run to Zombies
+Added Reloadspeed +25,+50 & +100% [ATT]
+Added Reloadspeed +25 to Steyr, DB, RPG, Barret, Colt
+Added Reloadspeed +50 to Steyr, DB, RPG, Colt
+Added Reloadspeed +100 to Steyr
+Added zoom in ADS mode
+Added Tombstone to Hammer
     can only be built next to dead survivor (1 per survivor)
     removes their option to Zombiefy
+Added 'High FPS Camera' setting
     switched on by default
^Zombified players HP changed from 200 -> 500 HP
^Minigun rank from 15 -> 16
^Spas-12 rank from 18 -> 20
^Flamethrower rank from 16 -> 17
^Famas rank from 18 -> 20
^CK Swat rank from 24 -> 29
^Barret 50c rank from 20 -> 22
^M249 rank from 25 -> 30
^RPG rank from 20 -> 22
^Karambit rank from 16 -> 17
^AK-47 rank from 15 -> 16
* Fixed 'Server Full' roblox bug (!)
*Fixed Dead-Godmode TDM glitch (!)
*Fixed Zombie clothes
*Fixed Edgar clothes
*Fixed stuck in ADS
*Fixed blackwhite menu
*Fixed highscore board
*Fixed annoying modcall error
*Fixed FATAL5
*Fixed ##### revive glitch
-Removed 'Smooth mouse' setting (obsolete)

Patch 1.0.2a

*Fixed 100% rank issue
     if you're at 100% and don't rank up, join a 1.0.2a server and kill something.

Patch 1.0.2b

+Added 'Slow Mouse' option to settings > Controls
     if you have superfast mouse, enable this
*Fixed sniper scope zoom
*Fixed energy drinks (Juice)

Update 1.0.1

+Added NEW server system (!)
+Added Quick Join
     Double tap an imagebutton to join it
+Added Chronos Chest
     drops one per BOSS
     contains ONLY exclusive items
+Added 'Flaming Axe' to Fireaxe [ATT]
     only found in Chronos Chest
+Added scrollbar to Leaderboard
+Added 'Show Reload' option
     so you can disable annoying tutorial
     and still see reloadstations
+Added Saviour rewards
     Get +15G and 10 PP for saving a pinned survivor or defib
+Added Idle controls to Leaper, Digger
+Added teleport GUI
+Added /e wave emote
^Added face to insane emote
^Added face to ragdoll mode
^Server playercount updates every 60 seconds
^New intro feat. top 5 weekly top playerpoint players
^Enabled mods to see/join hidden servers
^Reworked all camera codes
^Reworked character controls code
     Fixes glitches such as
     Healthkit+Minigun speed, leaper stuck, edgar flying etc
^New dead icon
^New settings theme
^Added new ladder to foxriver
^Changed reward and killstreak display
^Optimized TakeDamage function
^New energy system
^Lowerd rain sound volume
^'Killed by' screen shows Headshot
*Fixed tripping on dropped ammo
*Fixed VIP Server creation issues
*Fixed 'Find Player'
*Fixed unresponsive controls during lag
*Fixed punch while emote
*Fixed open skinpackage glitch
*Fixed melee sound issue
*Fixed relocating w. leaper and edgar
*Fixed Airstrike arrow
*Fixed ############## color
*Fixed Idle zombie jump (!)
*Fixed moving/shooting whilst dead
-Removed ragdoll getup animations
     Getting back up is now instant!
-Removed Emoji support

Update 1.0.0

+Added M249 [WEAP]
+Added Famas [WEAP]
     buy as Gamepass or ingame
+Added RPG [WEAP]
+Added Karambit [WEAP]
     buy as Gamepass or ingame
+Added M939 [VEHICLE]
     buy in ingame store
+Added Toybow [WEAP]
     buy in Cash Shop!
+Added Tokyo City [MAP]
+Added Digger [MOB]
+Added Vengence, Sight Marker, Royal Thunder, Trainee, Deus Ex, Beehive [SKINS]
     to CK Swat, Minigun, Skorpion, Colt Python, RPG
+Re-Added Double Equip
     Clear the primary spot then equip two different secondary weapons
+Added new music peices
+Added desciptions to items
^Improved auto fire code
     this fixes the minigun issue and Thompson jamming
^Kill popups now supports weapon skins
^Optimized Jump code
^Ragdolls uses Joints instead of Glue now
^Robux Store changed to Cash Shop
     contains items for Robux aswell as Tickets
^New elemental fireball
^Improved VIP Server playercount update
*Fixed VIP servers who disable all maps
*Fixed close zombie not being shot
*Fixed Remington 700 ironsight
*Fixed store scroll glitch
*Fixed extra-ammo not removed when reloading map
*Fixed moving emote
*Fixed upgrade climb
*Fixed gamepass issues (!)
-Removed collisions between survivors

Patch 1.0.0a

+Added TDM and FFA to Tokyo
+Added safe roof spawn for Zombies on Tokyo
+Added more Zombie trusses to Tokyo
+Added digger support for Kingstreet, Mogadisu, Foxriver, Void
+Added new AD for Tokyo
     thanks to Sanquo
^Famas damaged increased from 22 -> 23
^Improved neon windows for low-res players on Tokyo
*Fixed truck on water
*Fixed truck on Terminal
*Fixed ARN (?)
*Fixed Mog. glitch spot
*Fixed Kramabit issues
*Fixed Tokyo digger glitch spot

Update 1.0.0b

+Added reload to RPG
     Only reloads 1 rocket per restock
+Added Propane and Jerrycan to ARN rewards
^Ticker tanks are now meshes
*Fixed ARN
     Im pretty sure this time
*Fixed Kingstreet roof

Update 0.9.9

+Added new Main menu
+Added SS Boliviar [MAP]
+Added Caved In to Greenlight [MAP]
     incl. full campaign mode
+Added Jerrycan [ITEM]
     can cause chainreaction
+Added Propane [ITEM]
     can cause chainreaction
+Added Breeze to Rambo [SKIN]
+Added RSC to Zero
+Added /e insane [EMOTE]
+Added /e sit [EMOTE]
+Added /e lalaland [EMOTE]
+Added /e boi [EMOTE]
+Added /e split [EMOTE]
     credits to BelowNatural
+Added Trinity aim [CURSOR]
     Enable in settings
+Added custom bulletspeed in VIP Servers
+Added RSC to Zero kelvin
^New and improved Doors system
^Fire Ext. drops on death
*Fixed Forcefield tripping
*Fixed Forcefield Swimdeath
*Fixed Edgar tounge
*Fixed Ladders for brutes on NoMercy
*Fixed Bouri hammer on boat
*Set TDM as Single round gamemode

Patch 0.9.9a

+Added 'Show Full' option
+Added 'Find Player' option
+Added support for following players into game
+Added saved settings for main menu
^Servers with friends are painted blue
*Fixed server breaking issue

Patch 0.9.9b

*New quickjoin servers added
-Removed non-vip serverlist

Update 0.9.8

+'Fast' Infection [GAMEMODE]
     read more on wikia
+Added Melee Smash [GAMEMODE]
+Added Royal, Marker, Trainee, Vengence, Deus Ex, Beehive [SKIN]
     to Barret 50c, Dragunov & AK-47
+Added MIDI to M16A1 [SKIN]
+Added TDM to Winter Wonderland & The Complex [GAMEMODE]
^Spectate team option
     click 'Spectate survivors' to change view team
^Improved Explosion calculation (much less lag)
^Added preload to sniper aim image
^Better Menu tutorial window
^Increased respawn preformance
^Relocate now selects different spawns if bought multiple times
^Edgar tounge can now pull survivors up
^Improved Edgar tounge visuals
^Nerfed Barret 50c Damage to 90 in TDM ONLY
*Fixed Load map GUI (doesn't flicker)
*Fixed all teamkill issues
*Fixed armor stats in store
*Fixed winscreen arms and camera glitch
*Fixed FoxRiver glitch area
*Fixed Tactical 2 not giving Stamina

Update 0.9.7

+Added Shoot'em up [MAP]
+Added Team Death Match [GAMEMODE]
     only found in Battlestation
+Added Royal, Marker, Trainee, Vengence, Deus Ex, Beehive [SKIN]
     to M16A1, Tompson, M93R, Spas-12
+Added Exp gain for killing survivors
     both for zombies and in FFA and TDM
^Improved Character spawn time (!)
     instant controls for all mobs
^Nerfed spas damage from 31 -> 22
     Less of a click-to-spawnkill weapon
     Still one shots basic zombies at medium range
^New medkit, Defib mesh
^New edgar tounge mesh
^Optimized several functions
^Moved Store buttons
^Improved LoadMap gui
*Fixed wallshooting (!)
*Fixed blackwhite menu effect
*Fixed Glock 26 issues
*Fixed unable to open last skins issue

Update 0.9.6

+Added whole new Store (!)
+Added Zero Kelvin Station [MAP] (!)
+Added Baseball Bat [WEAP]
+Added Royal, Marker, Trainee, Vengence, Deus Ex, Beehive [SKIN]
     to DB Shotgun, R700, Wingmaster and Steyr M
+Added Sharkhead to Fireaxe [SKIN]
^Flamethrower nicknamed Flamey
^Bulldozer armor nicknamed Bull
^Defibrillator nicknamed Defibs
^Changed stats on Skorpion attachments
*Might have fixed leaper stuck bug
-Removed mail system
     Was hardly ever used
-Removed Customization screen
-Removed double secondary option
     Will be re-added later

Patch 0.9.6a

+ Added support for new Chat settings
* Fixed CAMP gamemodes

Patch 0.9.6b

+ Added Barbed wire to Baseball Bat [ATT]
+ Added Royal, Marker, Trainee, Vengence, Deus Ex, Beehive to Baseball Bat [SKIN]
+ Added 'Chat disabled.' text to non-chattables
* Fixed Menus Party buttons
* Fixed snow weather glitch
* Fixed Menu buttons glitch
* Fixed more filtering issues

Update 0.9.5

+ Added Electric Elemental (Jolt) [MOB]
     When Fire Elemental got < 100 HP press and hold E
     If standing near a brute, the brute becomes charged
+ Added Charged Brute [MOB]
     Can only be charged by Elementals
^ Changed Winscreen abit
^ Changed Remington 700 price from 4,500 -> 1,500
^ Changed M93R price from 4,500 -> 2,500
* Fixed winscreen FPS view
* Fixed Wheatfield on Farmhouse
* Fixed Boxes on Farmhouse
* Fixed Last Harvest sky
* Sky glitches
- Deleted all seats from Cacius

Patch 0.9.5a

+ Added CK Swat Gamepass
+ Added ArmsRace/LoadMap to ingame music
* Fixed Farmhouse through-ground explosions

Update 0.9.4

+ Added Barret 50c [WEAP] (!)
     Buy as gamepass or ingame
     Single bullet can kill multiple enemies
+ Added Farmhouse [MAP]
     Classic map from 2009
+ Added double equip
     If you choose no primary, you can choose two secondaries
     ex: You can equip Steyr and Knife at same time
^ Buffed skorpion damage from 20 -> 23
^ Buffed Dragunov accuracy from 110 -> 220
^ Buffed Remington accuracy from 100 -> 200
^ Changed shovel energy from 15 -> 13
^ Changed shovel price from 3,500 -> 500
* Changed AK-47 Ranklimit from 17 -> 15
* Changed AK-47 price from 42,000 -> 38,000
* Fixed brute buying on prestige and SRVU

Update 0.9.3

+ Added CK Swat [WEAP]
     incl. Duckhunt, Darkiron and Tacticool
+ New server system
     Choose what type of gameplay you want!
+ Added Shovel [WEAP]
+ Added Idle controls
     Goes idle after 30 seconds OR say idle to activate
     Uses skillpoints if available
+ Added Mr. President Gamemode
+ Added longer RSC timers on most maps
+ Added AutoReady option
     Settings > Other
+ Added FFA to NoMercy and Victoria
+ Added USRV gamemode
     Only available on Ulimited Survival servers
^ Reduced exp limit for rank 15-19
     Will make more adjustments for smoother rank transitions
     AND add higher prestige ranks
^ FFA and MMA rounds increased by 30 seconds
^ Explosions nolonger go through the floors on NoMercy
^ Improved bullet visuals
* Fixed infinite loading screen (?)
* Fixed Low graphics bullet damage (!)
- Removed Eventstore

Update 0.9.2

+ Added Last Harvest [MAP]
+ Added new rescue (!)
     press 'F' to enter
+ Added RSC to NoMercy
+ Added RSC to Terminal
^ Changed maximum chat length to 60 letters
^ Improved lighting on Terminal
     seen best in Darkness
^ Improved melee touch function (!)
^ New winscreen
^ Recolored Foxriver
^ New thumbnails on Kingstreet, Foxriver & Terminal
* Fixed terrain water splash
* Fixed medkit speed glitch
* Fixed Zombiefy open doors
* Fixed zombie healthbar onDeath
* Fixed backwards Tactical 1
* Fixed timer showing wrong time
* Fixed Radioactivity hurting zombiefied survivors
* Fixed TheComplex glitch spot
- Removed Cafe map carseats
- Removed Rhisnow map
- Removed Cake Kingdom
- Removed Victoria harbor winter version
- Removed Kingstreet winter version
- Removed Christmas menu theme
- Removed snowball item (cant be bought)

Update 0.9.1

+ Added AK-47 [WEAP]
     Buy as Gamepass or ingame
+ Added amazing new knife animations
+ Added throwing knife
     hold mouse to throw
     does 50% more damage when thrown
+ Added '/e dab' emote
+ Added Brass, Dimensions to Rambo [SKIN]
+ Added Darkness sky to Terminal
+ Added Reload sound to Steyr M
^ New Starlight music
^ Torch now work up/down
     press 'X' to activate
^ Mod whisper is now red
^ Spas-12 Range decreased from 160 -> 90
     Because it's not a sniper
* Fixed Bouri hammer abuse
* Fixed Elementals hurt by Flamethrowers

Update 0.9.0

+ Added Rambo [MELEE]
     incl. 7 special skins
     buy as Gamepass or ingame
     throwing will be added in later update
+ Added LP Hawkeye [ATT]
     nightvision attachment to R700
+ Added No Mercy [MAP]
     by fighteroffriend1010
+ Added special intro w. Christmas login bonus
     ONLY available the 24-25th
+ Added Whistle [ITEM]
     why yes it's absolutely useless
     what did you expect?
+ Added Torch to Survivors
     press X to enable torch
^ Gifts can now be opened!
     bring them ingame to open
^ New raindrop effect
^ Set rain effect to graphicslevel 3
^ Changed rambo energy from 6 -> 5
^ Changed Fireaxe energy from 6 -> 10
^ New grenade launcher system
     M202 behaive differently
* Fixed defibs on Rhisnow
* Fixed Foxriver glitch spot
* Fixed gamepass issue
- Removed ability to find/buy Gifts
- Removed Christmas intro
- Removed Christmas bonus

Update 0.8.9

+ Added Flamethrower [WEAP]
     Buy as Gamepass or with coins ingame
+ Added Rhi-show Territory [BOSS]
+ Added Gift of Healing [ITEM]
+ Added Gift of Wealth [ITEM]
+ Added Gift of Peace [ITEM]
     Can ONLY be claimed by Survivors!
     Find all three before Christmas eve!
     Spawns on all maps except Cascious, Boss and CakeKingdom
     Once found, can be equipped without loosing it.
     Also available as Gamepass
+ Added The Complex [MAP]
^ Reaching Zombie Level 4 unlocks zombie truesses for FREE!
^ Improved zombie stats button response
* Fixed squeezed votemap image
* Fixed glitchwall on mog
* Fixed Candycane 3D Icon
* Fixed Cafe map Menu view

Update 0.8.8

+ Added Cafe County [MAP]
     incl. SRV and ARN gamemodes
     made by GammaShock
+ Added Penguin [EVENT ARMOR]
^ New brute face
     by PsytherRBLX
* Fixed airstrike
* Fixed Bell trip
* Fixed Zombie shirt visible
- Removed Outlines

Update 0.8.7

+ Added Thompson [WEAP]
     Buy as Gamepass or ingame
+ Added Snowball [ITEM]
+ Added Winter Wonderland [MAP]
+ Added Cake Kingdom [MAP]
+ Added Snowball Fight (SBF) [GAMEMODE]
+ Added Zombie Upgrade mode (!)
     Only works on Normal Zombies
     Resets between Rounds
+ Added Candy Cane [Event item]
+ Added Gingerbread [Event armor]
+ Added Foxriver Christmas version
+ Added Victoria harbor Christmas version
+ Added Kingstreet Christmas version
+ Added Christmas winscreen version
+ Winter menu added
+ Added SRV to Kingstreet
^ Tickets displays in ingame menu
^ New intro tune
^ Buffed revolver shoot speed
^ Changed Colt price 2,000 -> 1,250
^ Changed Colt HipFire 1.5 -> 1.2 (better)
^ Improved Security
^ Improved Modcall
^ New wings icon on ressurect
* Fixed Hats not workign for some (!)
* Fixed DB Shotgun Single shot att. collision
* Fixed medkit collision

Patch 0.8.7a

+ Added Robloxian 1.0 support to Thompson
+ Added Roosevelt & Tacticool to Thompson [SKIN]
^ Bell only attracts zombies who are horizontally close
Doesn't attract over 10 studs apart in y-axis.
* Fixed Hammer on Victoria & Kingstreet ice
* Fixed glitchspots on Winter Wonderland
* Fixed victoria menu view

Update 0.8.6

+ Added Free-For-All (FFA)
     available on: Bouri, Casius, Kingst., Mog and Terminal
     can't use: Airstrike, M202
+ Added Firevest [ARMOR]
     Does NOT prevent heat damage
+ Added Tag objective to ARN zombies
     Works only at end of rounds
+ Added Rank imageview
     How mouse over rankimage for +1s
+ Added Menu button on Spectate
^ Biased voting: Yes = 1p, No = 1.5p
^ Decreased lag abit on Casius
* Fixed invisible killtag weapon image
* Fixed Dragunov

Update 0.8.5

+ Added Towers to Hammer
+ Added Fire Extinguisher [ITEM]
     Damages Elementals
     Pushes Zombies
     Stops teammates from burning
     Cleans up Radioactive waste
+ Added Disruptor [Ingame ITEM]
     Buy in LiveStore
     Prevents zombies from spawning on spawnplate
     Has 5 HP
+ Added Duckhunt to Colt & Minigun [SKIN]
+ Added Paintbucket I to M16A1 [SKIN])
+ Added Mute option to Ingame menu
+ Added description to Double EXP and Skincrate
+ Added MaxPlayers 11 to Foxriver (ARN, SRV)
^ 3D Store re-enabled (!)
^ Elemental price changed from 215 -> 300
^ Elemental cooldown changed from 60s -> 90s
^ Water quench fire if you're on fire
^ Fire can't burn players in water
^ Improved Mag system
^ Slightly decrease Casius lag
* Fixed Spas-12 Roosevelt skin
* Fixed Minigun Freedom skin icon
* Fixed Forest & Roosevelt skin on M16A1h
* Fixed Casious wall glitching
- Eventstore removed

Update 0.8.4

+ Added Twitter REDEEM-CODE (!)
     follow @XelPixels for weekly codes
+ Added mesh to Colt Python
     Silverback, Darkiron, Roosevelt and Tacticool skins
     Increased accuracy!!
+ Added new winscreen
+ Added Freedom to Stery M & Minigun [SKIN]
^ Improved mod whisper
^ Spas-12 rank lowered from 25 -> 18
^ Spas-12 range lowerd from 210 -> 160
^ Hammer can't build next to zombie spawns
- Removed Lord Pumpkin Jr.
- Removed Halloween Bootcamp

Update 0.8.3

+ Added Spas-12 [WEAP]
     Default, Tacticool and Roosevelt skins
+ Added Double Exp Fridays! (!)
+ Added whole new rank images for Rank 25+
+ Added Mini Healthbars Setting
     enable in Menu > Settings > Other
+ Added 'Paintbucket I' to Wingmaster & Steyr M [SKIN]
+ Added 'Tactical' to Fireaxe [SKIN]
^ Zombie purchase opens 1 minute into each round
^ Relocate disabled during last stage on arena round
^ Changed menu text START to READY
* Fixed Fixed M202 lag
* Fixed Hammer building on waters, mountains, etc
* Fixed a few glitch spots on Kingstreet
* Fixed Heli glitch on Vic
* Fixed DB Shotgun mesh
* Fixed Dragunov mesh
* Fixed Wingmaster mesh
* Fixed M93R mesh
* Fixed M16A1 mesh
* Fixed Steyr M mesh
- Removed Rank 40

Update 0.8.2

+ Hammer mega update
     Build your base to deffend against hoards!
     Added the following structures:
          Steel fence
          Steel fence half
          Steel fence door
+ Added Skincrates
     Found in Store > Etc
     Use to unlock special skins
+ Added Vote kick on Guests
     Click their name in leaderboard > Kick
     Works ONLY on guests
+ Added Marble Gecko to Steyr M [SKIN]
+ Added Frosy Mroning to M93R [SKIN]
+ Added Duckhunt to DB Shotgun [SKIN]
- Removed SRV from exclusive
- Removed Wingmaster Tacticool gamepass
     Can only be obtained through Skincrates

Update 0.8.1

+ Added Victoria Harbour [MAP]
+ Added 16 New Ranks!
     Max rank is now 40
+ Added 'Smooth mouse' setting
^ Optimized chathistory for Low graphics players
^ Bootcamp opening all chests = Win
^ Partyleader can close Invite/kick buttons in menu
^ New FATAl5 gunmesh
^ Improved Foxriver falling through ground
* Fixed late survivor joining
* Fixed M93R
* Fixed shaky FPs/ADS mode (?)
     If you still shake, disable 'Smooth mouse' in Menu > Settings > Controls
     let me know if it's still glitchy
* Fixed Party invite
* Fixed Molotov teamkill
* Fixed lagswitching chest
* Fixed MVP screen
* Fixed Partychat issues

Update 0.8.0

+ Released Minigun!
     Purchase as Gamepass or for gold ingame!
+ Released Fireaxe!
+ Added Lord Pumpkin Jr. [BOSS]
     Unlock from Gamepass or from Bootcamp chests!
+ Added Halloween Bootcamp [MAP]
+ Added Boo [NPC/MOB]
+ Added new Winscreen
+ Added Boopack [EVENT ARMOR]
+ Added Bandroiler [ARMOR]
+ Added Pumpkin Pie [EVENT ITEM]
+ Added Hallows Bomb [EVENT ITEM]
^ Changed M16A1 Accuracy from 85 -> 95
^ Improved Brute FPS mode
^ Improved survivor tutorial
^ Hints now have notification sound
^ Slightly different Brute wlak anm
* Fixed Partysharing with idle players
* Fixed shaking issue in FPS/ADS (!)
* Fixed low resolution bullet collision
* Fixed leaper purchase button in ingame shop
* Fixed Starlight handle collision

Patch 0.8.0a

  Only available to mods+
^ Fixed Minigun grip (!)
^ Fixed spawning stuck in air (!)
Slow players spawn ontop of teammates
^ Fixed Menu buttons breaking
^ Fixed Brute smash effect

Patch 0.8.0b

+ Added Mini GUI for cash and close in Store
Automatically for those under 750 Y pixels.
+ Added Patch to Version display
+ Added modcommand
^ Reduced Lord Pumpkin Jr. Health from 500k -> 350k (!)
Go harvest tons of gold and event items! :D
* Fixed Eventshop hidding Party GUI
* Fixed most of Fireaxe fling issue

Update 0.7.9

+ Added Elemental [MOB]
+ Added Auto-Party
     Disable in settings > Other
+ Added Remington 700 Mesh
     New skins: Roosevelt, Silverback, Dark iron
+ Added M93R Mesh
     New skins: Roosevelt, Silverback, Dark iron
+ Added custom Cursor setting
     Choose: R2DA, Classic or 'Bit aim'
+ Added custom Menu theme setting
     Choose: R2DA, R2DA Classic
+ Added Heat damage from Fires
+ Added Molotov to in-game store
+ Added new Subscribe button
+ Added Starlight [ITEM]
     Read wikia for how to obtain
^ New intro logo
^ Rounds per map change from 3 -> 2
^ Changed M93R Ranklimit from 3 -> 1
^ Ticker explosions now hurt zombies and the killer ONLY (!)
^ Purchaseable mobs cooldown starts when the mob dies
^ Changed price Molotov from 25 -> 35
^ Changed price Brute from 350 -> 600
^ Optimized Chatbubble gui
* Fixed Settings not saving
* Fixed Skorpion icon
* Fixed Colt Python icon
* Fixed Casius terrain
* Fixed Nametag not showing in Store
* Fixed Crabmine visible in store
- Removed 'Single fire' from M93R
- Removed Eventstore

Update 0.7.8

+ Added Starterpack
     Only for players below Rank 2
+ Added new M16A1 mesh
+ Pre-Released Fireaxe
     Incl. Forest and Roosevelt skin
^ Redid accuracy system
     Note: Crouching increase stability, but does NOT make shotguns more accurate
^ Doubled snipers bulletspeed
^ Dragunov bipods now give +25 accuracy
^ Dragunov Scope accuracy changed from +25 -> +75
^ R700 Scope accuracy changed from +25 -> +50
^ Increased scope moving speed
^ Added HD Newspaper icon
^ Added stats frame to Melee weapons
* Fixed bulletholes not showing
* Fixed Armor stats frame
* Fixed Hammer stats frame
* Fixed Reload sound on Wingmaster
* Fixed Reload while full capacity on Wingmaster
- Disabled Store3D option until glitch is fixeds

Update 0.7.7

+ Added new Wingmaster mesh
     Silverback, Darkiron, Roosevelt [SKIN]
+ Added Tacticool skin for Wingmaster gamepass [50 R$]
* Fixed scoping glitch
- Removed getting multiple medkits or pils on ARN
- Removed Panama Arena [GM]

Update 0.7.6

+ Added Arena gamemode
     Gamemode added to Terminal, Bouri, Mog, Panama, Fox
+ Added Steyr M [WEAP]
^ New objective info animation
^ New Double EXP image
* Fixed wallglitching spot on mogadishu
* Fixed floor on Kingstreet
- Removed Glock 26
     due to Glock being a blocked content on Roblox

Update 0.7.5

+ OPS-1 Dragunov Scope [ATT]
+ Bipods for Dragunov [ATT]
+ Asimo skin for Dragunov [SKIN]
+ New bullet impact effect
+ Added HD images of Armors
^ Improved bullethole performance
^ Improved Dragunov aim
^ Improved Dragunov reload animation
^ Optimized cursor performance
     Much more CPU efficient
^ Improved Party creation
     Language check
          Text feedback
^ Reverted back to old Ragdoll system
* Fixed alot of Cacius wallglitching
* Fixed solo party exp boost

Update 0.7.4

+ Added Dragunov [WEAP]
     Scope and bipods attachment coming soon
+ Added Double exp!
     Found in 'Etc'
          Double Exp fridays will be added soon
+ Added icon support for skinned weapons
+ Added 'Etc' store category
^ Changed partyshare exp from 10% -> 50%
^ Changed playericon in Menu
     Using Roblox new bust images!
^ Improved tool textures to HD
^ Changed Score & kill popup style
* Fixed gamemode glitches
* Fixed Airlock button on Casius
- Removed baseplate from Casius
- Removed default material skins
     All guns will be replaced soon anyways

Update 0.7.3

+ Added Cacius Outpost [MAP]
^ New icons for R700 and M16A1
     Temporary to test quality
* Fixed 2D Store
     Do not use 3D store until fixed
* Fixed Map loading GUI
- Removed Porta Coeli II

Update 0.7.2

+ Added Ranklimit on primary weapons
+ Double shots to DB Shotgun [Att]
^ Revamped stats system
     Much easier to understand
^ Optimized bullet spread system
^ Changed bullet style
* Fixed non-toolbar glitch (?)
* Fixed molotov
* Fixed airstrikes
* Fixed defibrillators
* Fixed Zombify
* Fixed several broken GUI elements
* Fixed standing-ragdoll glitch (?)
- Removed Kill limit
- Removed 'tech-tree'

Update 0.7.1

+ New DB Shotgun
     Incl skins: default, Silverback & Roosevelt
* Fixed toolbar glitch
     Also optimized CPU usage
* Fixed ragdoll
- Removed Test1

Update 0.7.0

+ Added new Ragdoll!
+ Added Test1 (WARNING: This gun is temporary)
+ Added shoulderpad for Skorpion [ATT]
^ Lower price on Skorpion, Wingmaster, M16A1
     Requires kills to unlock
^ SRV and HARD added to Special gamemode list
^ Smooth rotation in Customization screen
* Fixed expbar being white
* Fixed rankicon being white
- Removed CrabKing
     You can still buy Tickets for a little while incase you were saving up for newspaper

Update 0.6.9

+ Added M16A1
     Third Tier Automatic
+ Added option to buy Tickets (!)
+ Added Party chat
     say 'p message here'
+ Added Roosevelt skin to M93R
+ Readded most skins to M93R
^ Caught by leaper now trigger panic sound
^ New party teamtags
^ Teamframe now show Emergencies
^ Teamframe show name when hovering over icon
^ Lowered Wingmaster fire sound pitch
* Fixed inaccurate FPS aim (!)
* Fixed NoHammer on Crab
* Fixed shotgun blast window lag
* Fixed admin stuff

Update 0.6.8

+ Added Bouri Rig 71 [MAP]
+ Added Party system
     10% extra gold & exp
     ONLY aslong as all party members are alive
     In leaderboard, hover over Rank to show Party
+ Added 'Mac mouse' option (!)
     ADS aim by pressing Q
     Enable it in settings
^ Redid whisper (mod+ power)
^ Redid the hammer barricading
^ Leapers are now attracted to Pipebombs (!)
^ Improved Settings interface
^ Improved leaderboard perforamnce
^ Improved Porta boat physics
^ Added no hammer to Crab king
* Fixed Menu ingame-leaderboard
* Fixed Bossview in menu
* Fixed death punching
- Removed Planks from all maps except Mog CAMP

Update 0.6.7

+ Added Wingmaster 870
     Tier II Shotgun
^ Increased Bullet speed 600 -> 900
^ Lowered price on Crab armor
^ Lowered price on Crabmine
* Fixed R700 Ironsight
* Fixed Highscore glitching

Update 0.6.6

+ Added Porta Coeli II [MAP]
+ Added Highscore to SRV and HARD (!)
     View your highscore in Settings > Highscore
+ Added numbers to Weapon stats
^ Reduced Leaper spawnrate
* Fixed multi-lined dchat messages
* Fixed Hammer water-surface buildings
* Fixed security stuff
* Fixed PM
* Fixed Toolbar (?)
* Fixed Scope glitch

Update 0.6.5

+ Added Vortex 30mm to R700 [SCOPE]
+ Added Stoneheart to Python [SKIN]
+ Added Roosevelt to DB Shotgun [SKIN]
+ Added Extra Ammo to Survivor shop
^ Made R700 ironsights OPTIONAL, re-equip in custom (!)
^ Increased R700 Range 150 -> 200
* Fixed rotation issues in Custom
* Fixed Defibs drop
* Fixed Tripping BOSS mobs
* Fixed aim offset in FPS and ADS (!)
* Fixed crouchwalk in FPS and ADS

Update 0.6.4

+ Added Skorpion
     Tier II Automatic
     Requires Tier I: M93R
+ Added auto-save every 8 minutes
+ Added brute-safe to Mogadishu escape
+ Added overcooking while being grabbed
     Don't release the grenade to overcook
^ Changed ranklimit for 'Tactical II' from 4 -> 7
^ Made store content refresh upon purchase
* Fixed inf. medkit glitch
* Fixed lowgraphics bullet collision (!)

Update 0.6.3

+ Added 200 Exp for winning ANY round
+ Added whisper for mods
     say 'w playername message'
^ Lowered price on Gold (!)
^ Redid medkit
     Can only heal players while unequipped
^ Improved zombie sort
^ Random map selection now always choose camp is available
* Fixed Camera focus issues
* Fixed Defib animations
* Fixed loadOutfit spam
* Fixed revolver animation
* Fixed zombie sitting in heli
* Fixed blastpressure
* Fixed spectate command for mods

Update 0.6.2

+ Reason 2 Die Awakening RELEASED!

Update 0.6.1

+ Added CrabKing
+ Added Crabmine
+ Added EventStore
+ Added Reliable robux purchase history
+ Added new server menu bg
+ Added server log (admins)
+ Added 'A friendly Recruiter!' achivement
     Make a friend who has NEVER played R2DA before follow you in to your server
+ Added 'You've got mail' message
+ Added Not enough gold message to store
+ Added maintenance system
^ Melee weapons now block basic damage just like punching
^ New Welcome mail
^ Improved Modcall interface
^ Pine, Strawberry and Prune Juice available
^ Crab armor available
^ Newspaper available
^ Improved leaderboard preformance
^ Changed spawns on Terminal
^ Nerfed Tactical I, Bulldozer I and II
^ Improved datastore security
^ Improved loading security
^ Simplified server reloads whilst keeping client quality
* Fixed subscribe not using up last item
* Fixed personal explosion blastforce
* Fixed grenade pushing dead teammates
* Fixed DB Shotgun & Colt 3D icon
* Fixed Raindrops
* Fixed wallglitch on Mog
* Fixed Message frame
* Fixed Truck seats not winning
* Truck seats disabled for zombies
- Removed Camera explosion impulse
- Removed Playerpoints for medkit heal
- Removed TONS of unnessecary printing

Update 0.6.0

+ Added Colt Python
^ Added 10 min limit on SRV and HARD
^ New handgun animations
^ R700 Range 90 -> 140
^ Glock firerate slowed down
^ Improved security
^ Improved M93 Accuracy
* Fixed Respawn button on Spectate
* Fixed Custom button in Menu
* Fixed glitch area on Kingstreet
* Fixed DBShotgun aim
* Fixed medkit healing 100% health players
* Fixed Playerpoints
     Defibs 75
     Medkit 75
     Victory 50
     MVP 20
     Kill Survivor 10
- Removed EVAC (will be re-added later)

Update 0.5.9

+ Added Instant level up!
     Levelup as soon as you hit 100%
+ Added new Levelup GUI
+ Added Crab Armor (unavailable)
^ Increased bullet speed 400 > 600
^ Rewrote the view item window code
^ Lowered hammer price 100 -> 70
^ Improved Objective GUI performance
^ Changed Glocks muzzleflash
^ Disabled 'Relocate' while attacked
* Fixed Leapers (!)
     Leapers can't attack ragdolls
* Fixed muzzleflash preloading bug
* Fixed hidden items showing up in shop
* Fixed bolt not animating on R700
* Fixed rotating whilst smoked
* Fixed Tackled
- Jetpack completely removed
- Removed accidental skins from R700

Update 0.5.8

+ Added support for Robloxians 1.0
     Remington 700 got special animations
+ Added Brute limit
     Only ONE brute alive at a time
+ Added gun reload animation for R700
+ Added reload sound to R700
+ Added non-friendly explosions
     Explosions just push killer and zombies
+ Added more loading hints
^ Allowed brutesmash dead people
^ Allowed items to be thrown over victory fence
     Bomb those few remaining zombies :D
^ Optimized camera script
^ Changed R700 Muzzleflash
* Fixed leaper and smoker reward
* Fixed R700 Aim glitch
* Fixed mogadishu wall glitch
* Fixed FPS->3RD person camera
* Fixed FPS->Winscreen arm glitch
* Fixed leaper fps showing hood
- Removed rankup animations
- Removed Kalashnikov
- Removed M4A1
- Removed Bazooka
     As preparation for release
     Dun't rage pl0x!

Update 0.5.7

+ Added Shortnames for toolbar
     Christmas tree > XMas Tree
^ Reduced Jump energy from 20 to 14
^ Remade ADS system
     Through which ADS wim was fixed
     All guns now allow ADS aim
* Fixed camera rotating issues
* Fixed Objective gui in Cinematic
* Fixed Mogadishu glitchable part
* Fixed Objective not showing on Terminal
* Fixed common errors
* Fixed leaper sound after death
- Removed Jetpacks
     100$ per jetpack has been refunded
- Removed dynamic grip

Update 0.5.6

+ Added Cinematic mode to Spectate
     Big thanks to: WhoBloxedWho for sharing his Camera code!
+ Added MouseSensetivity setting
     Roblox Settings > Mouse Sensitivity
+ Added credits to Loadmap screen
^ Improved Camera system
^ Allow zombies to enter spectate
     Say 'spectate'
^ Improved Glock accuracy
* Fixed Free cam on spectate
* Fixed NoRay folder not regenerating
* Added Zombie trusses to NoRay
* Fixed Survivor respawn loadtime
* Fixed M4A1 Reload Speed
- Removed ingame-shop for Spectate

Update 0.5.5

+ Added Terminal Decay [MAP]
+ Added Build option for Hammer
     Press 'B' to build
     Press 'R' to rotate
+ Added new Ammotable
+ Added health to Foxriver Gate
+ Added Objective & Timer to Spectate
^ Made vote gui not disappear when respawning
^ Reduced clips per ammotable from 5 to 4
^ Optimized breakables
^ Made Glock 26 less accurate

Update 0.5.4

+ Added Verified damage system
+ Added Damage property to Melees
+ Added Exclusive rounds
+ Added current round to Map leaderboard
+ Added Sub objective message
+ Added Objective message to all gamemodes
+ Added Strawberry Juice (unavailable)
+ Added Pine Juice (unavailable)
+ Added Prune Juice (unavailable)
^ Planks now take 3 Hits until breaking
^ Planks can not be broken by survivors
^ Moved Mogadishu powerlines to NoRay & Uncollideable
^ Edited DB Shotgun stats
^ Made broken doors lighter
* Fixed Leaper grabbing through walls
* Fixed Objective status
* Fixed Punching
* Fixed rain hide planks
* Fixed hammer
* Fixed water bullet-splash
- Removed "Ammo Up" sign
- Removed MP5

Update 0.5.3

+ Added Fox River [MAP]
+ Added Prison doors
^ Optimized Bullet physics
^ Made bullets thicker
^ Added delay on Tram in Mog
* Fixed Boat on Panama (!)
* Fixed Truck on Kingstreet (!)
* Fixed Railgun
* Fixed Cursor showing on Cinematic mode
* Fixed respawn whilst Winscreen
* Fixed bulldozer armor
- Removed Kingstreet MMA
- Removed Planks from MMA

Update 0.5.2

+ Added Newspaper (unavailable)
+ Added Tutorial (in Settings)
+ Added Gunfire animation for Glock 26
+ Added Shell eject to Glock 26 (for HG)
+ Added 'Blood' option to settings
^ Finished Mogadishu CAMP gamemode
^ Redid the Hammer system
     Pick up a board by clicking it
     Hammer can hold 1 board at a time
     RMB to abort
^ Optimized hit-particle system
^ Optimized headshot effect
* Fixed Mogadishu floor
* Fixed Mogadishu Camp camera glitching
- Removed dynamic mouse icon for LG
- Removed dynamic experiencebar for LG

Update 0.5.1

+ Added Hammer [Item/Melee]
+ Added Ingame music
+ Added Headshot 2x multiplier
+ Added MenuMusic mute option
+ Added multiple pages in Store
^ Improved crouch to work with punching etc
^ Remade settings frame
^ Improved Tram on Mog camp
^ Christmas tree can now hurt 2 people in 1 hit
^ Renamed 'Revive' button to 'Zombify'
* Fixed maillist hidden under Buy Gold
* Fixed resurrect blob
- Removed windows from Tram on Mog Camp

Update 0.5.0

+ Added Campaign to Mogadishu
+ Added Planks (no hammer yet)
+ Added Buy Gold option
^ Increased purchase leaper cooldown (120s)

Update 0.4.9

+ Added Pills to Ingame Shop
+ Added Grenade to Ingame Shop
+ Added Flash to Ingame Shop
^ Improved preformance on Panama grass
^ Improved preformance on client error reports
^ Improved preformance on zombie death
* Fixed shoulderpads on bulldozers
* Fixed zombie healthbars silent error
* Fixed mails (FINALLY)
* Fixed silencers
* Fixed heli zombie win glitch
* Fixed block while tool equipped
* Fixed getting points for killing yourself
* Fixed multiple leapers & smokers on single victim
- Removed PlaceRebuilders 50% brute
- Removed armors from MMA

Update 0.4.8

+ Added Tactical I [ARMOR]
+ Added Tactical II [ARMOR]
+ Added Bulldozer I [ARMOR]
+ Added Bulldozer II [ARMOR]
+ Added stamina, clips, health, radiation stats to armors
+ Added Rank locks
^ Renamed Health to Lifevest
^ Improved swimming with armor * items
* Disabled some currently unnessecary scripts

Update 0.4.7

+ Added Fame to leaderboard
+ Added Gamemode HARD
     66% Zombies from start, no rescue.
+ Added kill marker
^ Changed muzzleflash from surfacegui -> particles
^ Improved leaderboard to more evenly sort survivors
^ Redid the choosing zombie system
     Correctly shows who's next zombie aslong as all survivors ready up
     Does not favour anyone
^ Increased leaper jump distance
* Fixed FPS camera glitch
* Fixed NextMap rounds gui
* Fixed mod+ commands not working if CAPITALIZED
- Removed Ping system

Update 0.4.6

+ Added CAMP to panama
+ Added Tag Objective to MMA
+ Added new fame tag 4/P
     Means it cost 4 fame, and you get 1+ fame per player rescued
     Only on rescue vehicles
     Once a seat is paid for, you can leave and anyone can take it for free
^ More accurate FPS mode
^ Increased Truck weight
^ Rescripted CTB and other spawn bricks
* Fixed fire zfighting
* Fixed MMA spectate black n white
* Fixed splash gui not removing

Update 0.4.5

+ Added Leaper [Mob]
+ Added extra free Tires
^ Intro shows daily top 3
^ Better looking store
^ Redid mail system
* Fixed zombies taking sam
* Fixed healthboxes on RSC
* Fixed buy zombies
* Fixed truck?
- Removed time for CAMP and EVAC objectives

Update 0.4.4

+ Added Flash [ITEM]
+ Added fameup effect
+ Added ingame Shop to leaderboard
     Moved zombie powers here
+ Added Tag Objectives for survivors
+ Realistic sunflares added
+ Black/White death added
+ Splash screen when going out of water
+ Your Friends nametag is now lightblue as survivor
+ Impulse added to grenades
* Fixed loading screen
^ Edited fame system
     Wheels give +1 Fame
     Loosing wheel cost -1 Fame
     Capturing flag give +1 Fame
     Quests are written 4/6
          means it cost 4 fame to accept, gives 6 fame when completed.
- Removed fame objectives for zombies

Update 0.4.3

+ Added 3D Store disable option (in settings)
+ Added New mail layout (in progress)
+ Added auto adjust 3D store
+ Added gamemode Evactuation (EVAC)
     Save Sam or everyone loose
     It's camp gamemode but with Sam
+ Added Fame stats
     Negative fame disqualifies you for certain Fame objectives
     Hold mouse over rank image to view fame
+ Added Fame objectives
     Cant be done by players with negative fame
     Reward +1 Fame if done
     Marked with Star
+ Added Cinematic camera
^ Redid all weapon images (for optimal resolution)
^ Improved fall damage (now also on jetpacks)
^ Completed CAMP gamemode on Kingstreet
^ Edited Loadmap screen
^ Edited toolbar select effect
^ Increase Glock 26 fire speed
* Fixed Jetpack server effect
* Fixed ADS unequip weapon glitch
* Fixed FreeCam & Airstrike glitch
* Fixed payment glitches
* Fixed MMA not winning

Update 0.4.2

+ Added M93R
+ Added K5 Silencer [Att]
+ Added K5 Silencer to M93R
+ Added K5 Silencer to M4A1
+ Added Golden skin to M93R (unobtainable)
+ Added stats to attachments
+ Added free rotation to Customize screen
+ Added Gamemode: Campaign (CAMP)
+ Added Campaign to Kingstreet (not done)
     1. The truck doesn't drive
     2. It's called Campaign instead of objective, I always hated OBJ.
+ Added Logbook to stats guis
+ Created dynamic grip on all guns
^ New jetpack model and price
^ Edited Pipebomb price
* Fixed glitching defibs
* Fixed secondary gun skins

Update 0.4.1

+ Added Impulses (camera shaking)
+ Added Custom SightMarks (cost 500$)
+ Added Custom Skins (cost 500$)
+ Added new weekly leaderboard intro
     Big thanks to buildthomas!
+ Added Bow [SM]
+ Added Cross [SM]
+ Added Cross dot [SM]
+ Added Bowtag [SM]
+ Added Bowtag dot [SM]
+ Added ClearCircle [SM]
+ Added ClearCircle dot [SM]
+ Added Jungle [DS]
+ Added Artic snow [DS]
+ Added The navy [DS]
+ Added Stealth [DS]
+ Added Coldwar [DS]
+ Added Desertfox [DS]
+ Added Sawdust [DS]
+ Added Construction skin to M4A1
* Fixed ADS Zoom camera fading
* Fixed brute club colliding with explosions
- Removed mouse cursor when ADS

Update 0.4.0

+ Added Fenix PD35 [Att]
+ Added TrueNite TN12 [Att]
+ Added Lazex 2AA [Att]
+ Added XPS3-2 to MP5
+ Added Fenix PD35 to MP5
+ Added Lazex 2AA to MP5
+ Added TrueNite TN12 to MP5
+ Added Lazex 2AA to Kalashnikova
+ Added Fenix PD35 to M4A1
+ Added TrueNite TN12 to M4A1
+ Added settings to Custom screen
^ Remade attachment code (huge update)
^ Renamed Flashlight to GG-X
* Fixed M4A1 icon
* Fixed Glock 26 handle
- Removed Holo attachment

Update 0.3.9

+ Added M4A1
+ Added new letter icons
+ Added +10HP to Community members
^ Improved Jetpack
* Fixed FPS swayness
* Fixed & Improved ADS Aim

Update 0.3.8

+ Added playerpoints
+ Added playerpoints based intro
     Top 3 alltime playerpoint players are shown in the intro
^ Improved defibs
^ Lowered price of DB Shotgun
* Fixed winscreen
     Added shield
          Made sure only normal zombies spawn in winscreen

Update 0.3.7

+ Added new intro
+ Added completely new save script
     All progress has been swiped
+ Added nametag to MVP display
+ Added walls for zombies in winscreen
+ Modgun only now owned by current mods+
^ Improved Mogadishu low quality mode
* Fixed known "free weapon/item" hack
* Fixed store item selecting
* Fixed mogadishu menu view
- Removed brute attackpowers when in winscreen

Update 0.3.6

+ Added map: Mogadishu Transit
+ Added MVP system
+ Added MVP display on winscreen
^ Optimized healthbars further
* Fixed Glock 26 menu icon

Update 0.3.5

+ Added new winscreen
+ Added rewards for flag raising
^ Reduced block energy by 50%
^ Optimized healthbar + chatbubble preformance

Update 0.3.4

+ Added Nextmap to Menu
+ Added new gamemode: Capture the Base
     to kingstreet and panama
+ Added TropicalSunset sky to Panama
^ Changed Survival to Rescue
     Survival means fight til death, Rescue means survive til rescue
* Fixed terrain glitch on panama
* Fixed winscreen
- Removed approx. 1,600 bricks from panama map

Update 0.3.3

Update log was lost to wibzilla.

Update 0.3.2

+ Added fire sound depth
+ Added Free Brawl gamemode
* Fixed infinite health zombie
* Fixed weapon issues

Update 0.3.1

+ Added new logo screen (music will change)
+ Added modcall ban
+ Added mail system (System to user)
+ Added mod command: hide, unhide
+ Added damage immunity while punching
+ Made Jetpack fire visible to others
^ Improved Jetpack stability
^ Improved script safety
^ Improved analytics
* Fixed Edgar being ks:ed
* Fixed double, triple kill screen
* Fixed custom gun models in store
* Fixed ADS

Update 0.3.0

+ Added MOD CALL!
+ Super secret security update

Update 0.2.9

+ Added DB Shotgun!
+ Added mod tags
+ Added mod+ commands
     kick, kill, kill all, ban, endgame
* Fixed railgnun
* Fixed doors
* Fixed invisible weapons in store

Update 0.2.8

+ Added ranks to "Tag'em"
+ Added new fire effect
+ Added payment for killing survivors
+ Added dropoff to bullets
+ Readded the rank images to leaderboards
^ From 75% of total range damage drops linearly off to min 50% dmg
^ Edited molotov
^ Edited gun animation script
* Fixed healthbox items pickup delay
- Removed pipebomb from Healthboxes

Update 0.2.7

+ Added new rank images
+ Added rank display to chatbar
+ Added rank titles
^ Increased rank limit to 24
^ Nerfed Railgun
* Fixed double damage bullets

Update 0.2.6

+ Added mouse smoothing to FPS & ADS
+ Added scope camera!
+ Added new railgun model
+ Added XS1 Scope
+ Added default attachments
     Weapons can have ironsights bought & equipped from start
+ Added lazer bullets (used by railgun)
+ Added multiple penetration bullets
     only railgun atm
* Fuxed NoRay issues FINALLY!
* Fixed railgun collision
* Fixed graphics adjustment
* Fixed non-damage bullets
* Fixed FPS Airstrike bug

Update 0.2.5

+ Added moderators Railgun
+ Added multiple shoot mode
+ Added single fire to Kalashnikova
^ Rewrote gun animation code
* "Fixed" camera breaking
* Fixed blue streets glitch

Update 0.2.4

+ Added Upgrade Climb to Zombies
+ Added Jetpack item

Update 0.2.3

+ Added new helicopter script (super smooth)
+ Added heli driver
+ Added improved objective text
+ Added multiple heli rescue routes
+ Added Winscreen
+ Added rescue camera
* Fixed bubbles jump glitch
* Fixed airstrike aspect ratio

Update 0.2.2

+ Added dead skull indicator
+ Added sounds to Airstrike
^ Edited Airstrike bomb radius
^ Edited defibs
* Fixed mouse aim issue
* Fixed airstrike breaking reloads
* Fixed leaderboard

Update 0.2.1

+ Added Airstrike item
+ Added sounds to Kalashnikov
* Fixed rejoin to be survivor like a scrub

Update 0.2.0

+ Added Healthboxes in maps
+ Added item drop on death
+ Added resurrect effect
* Fixed Pills give distance
* Fixed Kingstreet map glitch
* Fixed store equipping items
* Fixed store equip health AND defibs
* Fixed revive sound
* Fixed camera glitch
* Fixed blackscreen

Update 0.1.9

+ Added additional hit particle effect for bullets
+ Added Kalashnikova
+ Added Defibrillators
^ Remade reload system to incorporate different reload animations
* Fixed custom attachment guns in store
* Fixed smoker/run glitch
* Fixed blackscreen when spawning
* Fixed Edgar tounge position
* Fixed equip 4th weapon (takes 1st place)

Update 0.1.8

+ Added pipebomb!
+ Added new realistic explosion effect
^ Nerfed Brute jumpheight, throw length
^ Brute club now bounce of when hitting nonstatic objects
* Fixed revive whilst smoked
* Fixed revive healthbar
* Fixed subscribe refill
* Fixed Pills texture

Update 0.1.7

+ Added medkit
+ Added give pills option
^ Edited bubbles position
* Fixed kick/punch smoker tongue
* Fixed revive swim animation
* Fixed healthtag
* Fixed leaderboard teamcolor updating

Update 0.1.6

+ EPIC new feature: Revive!!
+ New mob: Edgar
* Fixed fadein glitch

Update 0.1.5

+ New zombie death corpse
+ Added early demo of attachment screen (still has roblox cframe bug)
+ Added new Round GUI
^ Total remake of the save system
* Fixed super shaking on weapons
* Fixed impact gui size

Update 0.1.4

+ Added votemap system
+ Added rounds (3 rounds per map)
+ Added system chat
^ Edited main gui positions
^ Edited decay gui
^ Edited ADS sensitivity
* Fixed ticker barrels
* Fixed sit glitch
* Fixed hitmarkers

Update 0.1.3

+ Added water splash when diving
^ Revamped bullets back to client controlled
^ Edited Bullet impact effects now graphics controlled
^ Edited menu title
^ Edited loading map screen (shows weather)
* Fixed menu leaderboard

Update 0.1.2

* Fixed super jump glitch
* Fixed rocket launcher glitch
- Removed topbar

Update 0.1.1

+ Added Christmas tree melee (only to those who won Christmas event)
+ Added store option "Visible" (invisible items only shown to those who own them already)
+ Added sunset sky
^ Edited toolbar, disables when swimming
^ Edited menu to handle long weapon names
* Fixed ADS while running and reloading
* Fixed swimming speed glitch
- Removed fog only sky at Kingstreet

Update 0.1.0

+ Added High/Low quality filter, adjusted by graphics settings
+ Added so coins are automatically rewarded (drop system may still be used on BOSS and other drops)
+ Added sit animation for humans
^ Edited Kingstreet rescue timer to 3:00 (instead of 4:00)
^ Edited helicopter
^ Edited GunSystems to compensate for much lag factors
^ Edited window shards
* Fixed shooting through glass bug
* Fixed source of the speed glitch (should be 100% gone now)!

Update 0.0.9

+ Added custom zombies
+ Added shell ejection
+ Added blowback animation
* Fixed bad ADS aims
* Fixed super speed glitch
* Fixed head tilting

Update 0.0.8

+ New Menu music
+ Added fading between FPS and ADS mode
+ Added stats button to menu
+ Added server run bullets instead of client bullets
+ Added leaderboard (press Tab)
^ Edited muzzleflash effect now permanent
^ Edited ADS so gun animations are clearer
^ Edited menu style
^ Edited some RemoteEvenets to optimize speed
^ Edited ALOT of things behind the GUI to optimize it
* Fixed face loading bug
- Removed Yeti (Christmas Event item will be rewarded later, if you got badge you'll get item)
- Removed XelPixels HQ temporarily

Update 0.0.7

+ Added Map: XelPixels HQ
+ Added Apperance: OfficeMan & OfficeWoman
+ Added cooldown (Ticker: 60s, Brute: 120s)
* Fixed MP5 FPS Aim and Fire

Update 0.0.6

+ Added mute button to chatbar
+ Yeti music can now be turned on/off
+ Added chat spam filter
* Fixed swimming issues
* Fixed ADS issues
* Fixed RPG aiming issue

Update 0.0.5

+ Added limited ammo stations
+ Added ability to buy special mobs
* Fixed running glitch
* Fixed toolbar breaking?
- Removed random zombie if not killed by humans

Update 0.0.4

+ Added ticker
+ Added /e panic
+ Added /e dance2
+ Added brute death grunt
^ Edited scripts for guns and RPG
^ Edited /e dance
* Fixed double death glitch

Update 0.0.3

+ Variable weather on Kingstreet
+ Added objective
+ Added zombie faces
+ Added terrible dance animation
+ New toolbar
+ Rescue on kingstreet
* Fixed zombie spawns
* Fixed speedglitch

Update 0.0.2

Update log was lost in time and space.

Update 0.0.1

Update log was lost in another dimension.

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