VIP Servers can be bought for 500 R$ / month.

Owners can always join their own VIP Server, even if it's full.

To close a server, create a new one.

Currently, creating a VIP Server gives you the ability to customise the following settings:

  • The maximum amount of NPCs (0 - 30)
  • The maximum amount of players in a party (0 - 30)
  • The maximum amount of players. (2 - 30)
  • The Ranks allowed on the server. (None - 60)
  • The Maps and Gamemodes allowed on the server.
    • If all the Maps are disabled, Void is enabled to compensate.
    • Exclusive Greenlight maps can also be enabled, such as:
  • A toggle of a Brute limit. (Like a Survival Unlimited server)
  • A toggle of mob purchasing cooldowns.
  • The Bulletspeed of guns. (0, 900, 1800, 2500)
    • If set to 0, it will use ray bullets like R2D 2014.
  • A toggle of whether it is Public or not. (If toggled on, then anyone can join through the server list).


  • To close a server, create a new one.
  • Private servers can not be joined through the "Find Player" feature.
    • If you are not eligible for the server (eg. not the correct rank), this will also not work.
  • More customization and Greenlight Maps are to be added, so stay tuned!


  • In Debug, the price for a VIP Server is 10 R$.
  • Like normal servers, it can hold three extra players from the decided limit but can support unlimited mods.
    • Moderators can join any VIP Server through a Modcall.
  • "[I'm] consider[ing] adding a few admin commands to VIP [Server] owners[.]" - PlaceRebuilder

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