If you're making a map for R2DA, you can use this page as a reference to help you out. 

Standards have been raised, and even if you follow all of the rules, that doesn't mean that it'll be added. 


  • Preferably, no free models of all should be on the map.
    • If you must, it has to be of a small quantity that matches the build quality already set on the map.
    • This is only if the map looked okay with free models to begin with.
  • Map design that supports R2DA's gameplay and Gamemodes.
    • Consider choke points, zombie spawning.
    • This depends on map size.
      • Don't make the map too open, or way too small.
  • A moderate amount of detail.
    • No effortless block-like builds. Put some time into it.
    • Too many details will make players lag. Think of the problems had with XelPixels HQ.
  • Maps don't necessarily have to be dark and gritty, but you shouldn't make it look saturated enough to the point that it came from a cartoon.
  • Meshes are fine within the map if they are replacing unions. If you are using unions, limit the number used within the map.
  • You can put water on the map as long as it's terrain-water and not just some big blue block.

For your map to be accepted by PlaceRebuilder, tweet him at him or make a thread here on the Wikia.

It isn't guaranteed if your map is going to be added unless he messages you outright confirming it.

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