At the start of the round, you have to gather planks to return them to the missing plank spots on the railroad in front of the trolley. You then have to gather the last 2 rails and return those upon the side of the planks.

After that, you have to push the trolley while pressing the electricity button located at the end of the truss it's connected to. The back of the trolley should emit a yellow glow if you press the button.

Eventually, the trolley starts moving on its own. When the trolley starts moving on its own, you have to run inside the train and then wait until the trolley moves into the tunnel, causing those who were in the trolley to win.


  • Do not sit on the seats. When the round ends, you will not win. This is likely a bug and might be changed later.


  • Referred to as a Train in game.
  • In the 1930's Kingstreet cameo, you can see windows on that version of the Trolley.
    • The trolley in Mogadishu used to have windows, but this was abused as zombies would destroy these windows to leave glass shards everywhere that could kill survivors.
  • Like the old Helicopter, this vehicle has an immunity if you are sitting down.

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