"I've got a Golden Ticket!"


Tickets are another one of R2DA's in-game currencies that involve event items. Once you defeat a Boss, a bunch of tickets are spewed out of the Boss and you have to grab them all before all your other teammates do. They also are spawned around the map in certain locations.

You can also buy 100 tickets for 100 R$.

1 Ticket Grabbed = 2 Tickets Earned


King Crab (Spews out of King Crab and scattered around in the house)

Halloween Bootcamp (Scattered around map)

Lord Pumpkin Jr. (Spews out of Lord Pumpkin Jr.)

Cake Kingdom (Spews out of Gingerbread Minions)

Rhi-Snow Territory (Spews out of Rhi-snow)

Chronos Quest (Spews out of Golumn)

Chronos Dimension (Spews out of Chronos XI)


  • Tickets can only be used in the Event Store.
  • These carry over from one Event to the next.


  • These share similarities to Coins, the very first currency in R2DA, in that you must physically pick them up.
  • After Christmas 2016, Tickets were reset back to zero for everyone.
  • A bug can occur in where Tickets don't disappear after being picked up by another player.

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