• Cyber Zombie-Half Man and Half Machine They Call It The Cyborg But If The SANI Virus Evolved To A Computer Virus It Wouldve Effect The Whole Body And Systems I Call It The Cyber Zombie

    This Zombie Was An Abomination It Shoots Infection Missiles That Follows The Cursor And When It Doesnt Kill The Survivor The Blast Causes Radiation For 15 Seconds,It Can Also Change Its Arm Into A Chainsaw To Deal High Damage To Survivors That Touches it,The Health Points Almost Reached The Brute's Health Points,The Good Thing Is It Will Have Low Speed,Its Simple Melee Attack Causes Double Damage As A Normal Zombie.Nobody Knows Where It Comes From Some Say They Came From A Lab In A Cave

    Berzerker-A Dark Like Mutated Zombies Made By The Doctors In No Mercy Hospital Made To Terrorize the survivors

    At No Mercy Hospital The Survivors Discovered That The Doctors Were Working On A Cure For The SANI Virus But Instead The Virus Mutated The Test Subject (Zombie) Into A Dark Figure With Spikes On The Back,A Spear Like Tail And Reddish Eyes.Its Abilities Are Hard To Be Avoided.The Claw Move Has A Chance To Trip The Survivor And Let The Berzerker And Other Zombies To Eat Them,Another One They Call Is The Screach Which Makes The Mutated Zombie To Scream Loudly Enough To Stop Or Slow Down Nearby Survivors,It Can Also Grab Survivors When Its Close Enough Once They Grabbed Them Theyll Stab Through The The Guts Which Causes Undescribable Pain And Alot Bleeding And Finally It Can Form It Self Into A Sharp Sphere Which The Survivors Cant Run From It.But Luckily One Of The Survivors Manage To Escape But It Also Let The Berzerkers Loose.Theyre Hardly To See In Night Times So I Suggest To Bring A Flash Light

    Infected Plant-They Say The Venus Fly Trap Is Bad But What If It Gets Infected By The SANI Virus?

    The Female Survivors Love To Collect Flowers.They Spotted The Most Beautiful One Of All No Male Or Female Can Resist. Once They Got Near It SUPRISE.One Of Them Got Eaten By These Monsters They May Look Cute At First But Ugly When It Morphs It Self Into Man Eating Plant.This Thing Grabs The Survivor And Just Swallow It Whole.It Moves Like A Brute But Anyone That Tries To Melee It Get Eatin Easily.Its Very Slow So It Has These Vines That Pulls Survivors Into It They Say Its The Most Dangerous Flower Known To Man Kind

    Giant-Oh The Brute And Charged Brute So Easy Just Use M249 And Minigun Oh Really?

    The Survivors That Had Miniguns Were Brave Enough To Stumble To The Brute Cave Which Were Full Of Brutes And They All Had Fun Killing Them But Then They Met The Giant Which Had 5x The Health Of The Brute The Survivors Were Shaking In Fear.The Giant Then Smashes Its Hammer To The Ground Causing High Damage And The Ground To Shake Which Made The Survivors Fall Down Most Of Them Got Killed By This Beast.The Beast Was The Size Of A Stone Golumn.The Survivors Tried To Ran Out Of The Cave But The Giant Throwed A Boulder Which Squished All The Survivors.The Giants Are Afraid Of One Thing The Flamethrower And Explosives

    Mage-Guys Kill That Elemental Before It Charges The Brute! You Dont Need A Focus On These Zombies For Now Focus On The Mage

    One Of The Zombies Accidentally Entered A Mage Hut Which Leaded The Zombie To A Enchanted Book The Zombie Was Smart Enough To Read It Learned Spells,Curses And Many More.When The Survivors Saw The Zombie Alone They Laughed At Its Clothes And Its Staff The Zombie Got Furious And Burned The Survivors With The Fire Ring Spell One Of The Survivors Got A Fire Vest So He Was Overconfident And Used A Knife But Instead He Got Zapped And Poisouned When The Mage Stumbled Into Some Elementals The Mage Charged Them Up With The Lightning Spell The Jolts Killed All The Survivors That Threatened The Mage.The Mage Can Also Heal Other Zombies And Its Special Move Was The Infection Bomb.This Move Allowed The Mage's Staff To Burst A Poisonous Gas And Let It To Spread But The Gas Itself Only Can Reach Like 20 to 30 Studs

    Stealth Zombie-Welcome To Tokyo... Welcome To Zombie Land

    At A Tokyo Store A Guy Was Selling Sushies Instead Of Soup He Thought The Zombies Were Just Customers But When He Got Bitten He Sliced The Zombies With His Blade (Katana)

    But When He Got Bitten He Got Infected And Turned Into Them.He Met Some Survivors And Said Let Me Make You A Human Flesh Sushi.He Then Throwed Ninja Stars And Ran Fast As An Edgar The Survivors Tried To Shoot Him But He's Ninja Skills Were Too Fast.Some How He Camouflage The Survivors Couldnt See Him Thats How It Got The Name.The Stealth Zombie Can Wall Run,Throw Ninja Stars And A Chance To Slice The Head Of Its Enemies 

    Flying Zombie-Oh Look A Flying Brute Club Oh Hey Look A Flying Zombie WAIT... WHAT!!!?

    A Digger Accidentally Killed A Pigeon But The Digger Didnt Care It Just Ran But Then A Zombie Saw The Dead Bird And Ate It (Disgusting) Then The Zombie Grew WIngs All The Other Zombies Were Like "Holy FFF..".The Zombie Then Raise Its Wings And Started To Fly The Other Zombies Said "So Majestic" The Survivors Also Saw The Flying Zombie And Decided To Shoot It Down But The Zombie Managed To Swoosh Down And Grab A Survivor.The Survivor Was Screaming With Fear Of Heights Then The Zombie Bite The Head And Ate The Survivor's Brain,Another Survivor Group Tried To Shoot It But The Flying Zombie Spitted Acid At Them Instead The Survivors Then Melt .So Some Of The Normal Zombies Started To Eat Pigeons (Yeah Still Disgusting)

    Suicidal Bomber Zombie-I Wanna See What Happens If I Stick Grenades On Zombies (Bad Idea)

    A Dumb Survivor Was Just Walking Around Until He Saw A Zombie He Knocked The Zombie And Decided To Attach Tons A Dynamite,Grenades And Other Explosives And Then That Dumb Guy Ran Away The Zombie Got Crazy With The Explosives All This Zombie Knows Is To Throw Explosives And Blow Him Self Up Along With A Building Many Zombies Started To Learn To Attach And Use Explosives Because Of That Dumb Survivor The Zombies Are More Powerful In Hoards.They Can Destroy Easily Just By Blowing Themselves Up Theyre Purpose Is To Blow Up Survivors And Support Other Zombies.Shooting Them Will Make Them Explode The Only Way To Kill It Without Exploding Is Using Melee Attacks (KABOOM)

    The Fat Spitter-Dang That Zombie Needs To Go On A Diet

    You Can Tell By The Title That This Zombie Eats Alot When It Was SANI Virus Free Because Of Its Fat Round Belly It Gave Him The Ability To Vomit And Spit Acid Theres A Chance Of Blowing It Up Like The Ticker The Zombie Can Melt Down Doors,Fences And Barricades Which Will Allow Other Zombies And Itself To Enter A Building Or To Kill Some Survivors

    Pirate Zombie-Just A Relaxing Day At The Beach Wait.. Is That A Pirate Ship?

    In Panama beach There Was Hidden Treasure There The Pirates Were Seeking That Treasure All They Had To Do Is Kill The Zombies But They Failed Theyre Guns Or Swords Arent Strong Enough To Take On Hoards So They Got Infected As Well.The Survivors At Panama Beach Were Heavily Armed Because Of This New Threat.The Pirate Zombies Were Smart Enough To Use Their Cutlass And Flintlocks But The Most Dangerous One Is Their Captain He Was More Skilled Then He's Crew And He Had A Cutlass For An Arm And A Blunderbuss For Its Other Arm Nobody Knows If The Captain Exists Or Not

    Warrior Zombie-First Time Seeing A Zombie With A Sword

    In Zero Kelvin Station There Were Zombies Reanimated To Become Undead Soldiers These Warriors Praise Rhi-snow The Ice Rhino Like No Other Zombies But Since The Death Of Rhi-snow They Geared Up And Ready To Avenge Rhi-snow. The Survivors Saw This Armed Zombies And Started To do a formation to stay safe.The Shield Was Bullet Proof Even The 50 cal could'nt Pierce It.They Can Get A Chance Trip Survivors With Its Mighty Sword And They Can Shield Bash Which Pushes Survivors And Cause Them To Get Stunned Their Sword Deals 25 Damage

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