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Walther's Notes (Zombie)

Can be seen and heard everywhere. Children raised by loving parents, now nothing but deranged killers. The government had already sealed up most of the first contaminated zones, but nobody were aware that everyone was already infected to begin with. I strongly believe the virus is nearly to completely undetected while you're still yourself, so no matter how you go down, you always come back to bring others with you. Nevertheless how many places the sun will never torch around the world, another springs to life in its own excruciating way.

Walther's Notes (Ticker)

One of the things to comprehend are the workers of many jobs out there, formerly ready for duty. Those did not take long to show around the city, people in hazmat suits moaning and roaming for flesh. They cannot eat because of the mask, but they can still harm and is more than willing to do so. Perhaps to speed up the manslaughter? The actual threat, however, are those little cylinders of his. Spilling toxicity and radioactivity all over the place, a true living bomb. It is very crucial to never shoot them from behind as you won't be killing to dispatch of the problem, but creating another. Fortunately for you, cancer itself won't be the cause of ceasing your adventures.

Walther's Notes (Digger)

Familiar to the Ticker. I like to call them that because it drives the geiger counter nuts - they weren't the only jobs to bring havoc, you know. We grew used and naturally started avoiding being close to them without really doing it voluntarily, it's like the body's care for self preservation - there's another job to be aware. We were setting up defences for a last stand since the rescue alerted us ahead of time to be a little off-schedule, and it was pretty darn sturdy until we found a hole behind us. Doesn't seems like miners were safe in their caves, as no other than a infected dug that hell's hole. Hopefully we can adapt to this new threat soon like we did with the former.

Walther's Notes (Edgar)

Holding ground is quite the gambling, but honestly easy to sustain if you amass firepower to do it. Each bullet helps, and with the infected lacking them, they can't really do much rather than going face-first into the barrels to finally reach us within their grasp - hence being often viable until ammunition gets a better hold of us and improvision takes place. However, today was different. It took me a while to realize due to the heat of the fight, but i've noticed less and less personnel by the minute. One of the infected, instead of going for us, made us go for him, because of an abnormal tongue entangling its prey. They seem to be particularly green compared to the rest, and rather mobile.

Walther's Notes (Leaper)

An interesting encounter while fending off such good moment of safety. Tucked inside the truck, with that brief relief, everyone inside added supportive fire to the ones outside, making sure nothing gets in the way. A very dangerous duty and honorable mention, until you get your guts hanging out of where they're kept. With just one leap, two infecteds caught two off-guard and relentlessly started to eviscerate. Thankfully we rescued both in time, but the other one, unarmored, was left with his life dangling and dripping in pebbles so easy to follow. More morbid than being caught by any other infected - this one torments you 'till the end.

Walther's Notes (Brute)

At first I thought it was just a bodybuilder who fell victim to the virus. Our group were to leave the forsaken place, and we mocked out of relief that not even that robust man could get us. That we were safe, but the tables completely turned when all of us got staggered in a fraction of a second. This one's creative, it carries a massive club with great strength, but far more than speculated. Comes in question either or not he was formerly healthy, or mutated into a goliath. It's terrifying to know it's actually smart enough to maul us with strategy, undoubtly at the point of even calculating the distance when he uses his very weapon as a projectile.

Addendum: Of all the events that unfolded so far, this is absolutely the worst - and most abrupt. Out of the blue, one of the fiery bastards went directly for this beast and erupted. For god knows why, it immediately became bloated of zest and glint, more menacing than before. Without having trouble, it already had killed half of everyone around me, spurting sparks with every move. They're smart, and they're helping each other. I was blessed to outrun that thing, even the heavily equipped got pulverized as their bullets barely scratched it.

Walther's Notes (Elemental)

Proof that mutation can be fascinating, if not detrimental. Burning creatures emerged from anywhere previously turned into dust and carbon, it's hard to tell either or not they used to be human beings. Set ablaze and not hindered by its own influence, this abomination launches balls of fire and implodes at you - due to its nature, close quarter combat is beyond ill-advised. Bullets work, but when possible, bring a fire extinguisher if you spot light in dark places, as it deems to be the most efficient way of handling them. Pray the heat doesn't consumes you whole should it come in contact.

Addendum: Even more concrete proof, not long ago they learned how to harvest electricity and manipulate their jolts into an extreme method of incapacitating. The warmth seems to be converted into pure energy... do not be stubborn, however, as this one may not be as painfully searing, but it can and will agonize you beyond your limits. I've felt it, my muscles and everything else, slowly devoid of any living cell - it's the same of getting tased, but a legion of times lethal.

Walther's Notes (Stalker)

It wasn't long until the first our group had spotted that more eventually started to pop up out of the darkness, creeping behind a corner. Staring. One of our members saw it peeking and instinctively shot it - or so it seemed, but ran away. Poor kid probably felt confident that he killed it, as soon as he distanced himself from the group to take a closer look, this "thing" grabbed him and bolted before our very eyes. We attempted to rescue, but came to a halt as soon as we realized the direction that little cricket went were towards the horde, as if wanting to share food with friends...