"I mean, it isn't really decaying, is it?"


There's five levels on which you can move around on within this map. Each level is filled with props which may get in your way, but those who can parkour will find this map easy to traverse. Fall damage will be a notable factor in this map, and whatever happens in this map can easily head south with a Brute about.

Background Story

This skyscraper was in the middle of being built by numerous workers before the SANI Virus hit. Once the virus arrived at the city, the workers succumbed to the infection and a Brute went on a rampage, smashing some of the building to pieces. Now, the project has ended up being deserted with the undead construction workers still being present on and around the location.


This map features a partially destroyed skyscraper with multiple levels, along with a large crane overlooking it. It contains a decent amount of verticality due to the multi-levelled map, yet the map is quite cramped. Especially on the upper floors. Survivors can move between levels using rubble, leftover construction pieces and stairs for the upper floors. Many Supply Boxes are distributed across the levels of the tower.


  • This map is hard to last in, so watch your surroundings.
  • There are many ways to go in this map, so don't get lost.
  • There is an uncompleted level near the bottom of the map which you can jump down to.
    • You can't get back up after jumping down, so keep that in mind.
    • A zombie can also jump down to this area.
      • If you're playing on Arena, someone is forced to jump down there to take care of the straggler.
      • This may be a good tactic to keep in mind.
  • Remember that Healthbars are disabled in the Darkness skybox.


  • There are a couple of radios scattered throughout the map, though these do nothing.
  • Despite having a landing pad, this map didn't get Rescue as a Gamemode until v0.9.2.