Team Deathmatch is a Gamemode originally available for the Battlestation Universe.

As of v0.9.9, this is now a Universe on its own.

The whole premise is very similar to Free For All. Before v1.0.7, there are two teams, Red and Blue, and both have 75 lives. For every death a team suffers, they lose one life. Once lives run out, that team stops respawning and the remaining players must survive the onslaught or die trying. Once a team has zero lives, and everyone on that team is dead, the round ends.

Since v1.0.7, it is now capture the flag, with flags dotted around the map for either teams to capture. First to 250 points wins.



  • M202 and the RPG are also banned here, just like Free For All.
  • Melee'ing your enemies in any way will instantly stun them.
    • This makes for an easy kill.
  • The M16A1 can be deadly as a single burst can kill people before they even have time to react.
  • The Skorpion is useful while in close quarters as the high rate of fire kills the player in seconds.
  • A single shot from the CK Swat instantly kills anyone, so consider bringing it in if you're being flanked.
  • As the maps are quite large, shotguns aren't recommended, but snipers are as they can easily pick off unsuspecting people.
    • However, the Barrett 50 Cal. has been specifically nerfed for this Gamemode, dealing 90 compared to the normal 150.
    • This excludes The Complex, as shotguns are more useful in this rather enclosed map.


  • You cannot bring Armor of any kind.



  • Stick with your team at all times, you may unexpectedly run into a group from the other team!
  • If you need to bail, you can type in "spectate" at any point and the game will move you over to Spectating.
  • Say "p [message]" to team talk.
  • Use the High Speed Train to get around Shoot'em Up Town, just be careful of enemies waiting at the next stop.
  • Consider flanking if there are too many people advancing down one route.
  • While you are able to buy "Tag Objective" through the In-Game Store, it will not reveal anyone's location.
  • The more people at a flag, the faster it goes up.
  • When you capture a flag, which has to be at 100%, you can spawn there once you die.
  • Saying Spectate, pressing the menu button, and then pressing the play button may put you in a different team.
    • Although this is heavily frowned upon, this can be useful in some aspects.


  • Killing someone only gives you 10$ instead of the usual 50$.
  • Unlike Free For All, you start with 100/110 HP with every life instead of 250/260 HP.
    • The small 10 HP bonus is given to you if you're in the Community.
  • There's no time limit, similar to a Survival Unlimited round.
  • In Debug, this Gamemode was featured in the Default Universe rather than the Debug Battlestation.
  • The Team Emblems are the same as the emblems in Pillow Fight Simulator and Tiny Globe.
    • While Pillow Fight Simulator is a ROBLOX game, Tiny Globe was a mobile game that was being developed by PlaceRebuilder himself.
    • The Alliance flag can also be seen on top of the flagpoles you see in Capture the Base.
  • Text colour is different depending on what team you're on.
    • This is the text colour for red.
    • This is the text colour for blue.
  • Before v0.9.9, Team Deathmatch would play for two rounds instead of the one round that you see today.

Team Emblems

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