"This protects you from any hugs from zombies, But will still get penetrated from their smelly blood."


A relatively lightweight vest that shields off some damage from incoming zombies. It also allows a bit of extra ammo to be stored. This armor is useful if you need extra ammo for your primary but wont affect the magazines on your secondary. 

Background Story

The Tactical Vest is a standard bullet resistant vest for civilians. The materials of the vest are relatively cheap to scavenge together, therefore the vest is cheap to purchase. Older models had one design flaw that was most likely an oversight - the pistol holster is placed on the back of the vest. However, survivors tended to just ignore this and use their own pants and holsters to hold their sidearms.


  • There was a bug that made the Tactical I armor be worn backwards until v0.9.2.
  • The model seems to be based off of a basic Kevlar Vest.
  • Four compartments can be seen on this, but it can only hold an extra clip/shell.

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