Survival Unlimited is a Gamemode in R2DA. Quite simply, you survive for an infinite amount of time until you die. It was proposed that if you die, you respawn after 5 minutes. This has not come into fruition. This used to be in its own Universe until it was combined with Apocalypse.

If everyone dies, it's then game over.


  • You don't actually respawn after 5 minutes.
    • Being able to respawn after 5 minutes might never be added.
  • Try bringing in some items to survive as long as possible.
  • Supply Boxes do load on the map, so don't worry about not receiving help from the game.
  • There are no zombie cooldowns nor limits, so don't be surprised if you see 3 Brutes coming after you.


  • It's essentially Survival mode with no true time limit — it's only over when everyone is dead.
  • Prior to v0.9.3, a Brute limit was still in place even though there were no zombie cooldowns.
    • This led to people buying a Brute only for it to be a waste of money as there was already a Brute on the map.
  • You can still create a Survival Unlimited server, however, it will be stored under the Apocalypse Universe.