Survival Unlimited is both a Universe and Gamemode in R2DA. Quite simply, you survive for an infinite amount of time until you die. If you die, you respawn after 5 minutes. If everyone dies, and no one has reached the 5 minute respawn time, it is game over.


  • Bring items to survive as long as possible.
  • Supply Boxes do load here.


  • This Universe was added in the Universal update, v0.9.3.
  • It is essentially Survival mode with no true time limit - it is only game over when none of the original survivors have respawned yet, and everyone is dead.
  • You don't actually respawn after 5 minutes; this is presumably a bug.
  • One of the two gamemodes to be on all maps.
    • However, S.S. Boliviar didn't have Survival Unlimited when it was first released.
  • Oddly enough, there are no zombie cooldowns. This could lead to someone accidentally buying a Brute even though the Brute is being occupied, leading to a waste of money.
    • This issue was fixed in v0.9.3, when the Brute limit was removed for this universe.

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