"Ah yes, supplies! My favourite thing in the entire world are supplies. Can't survive a day without them. It'd be helpful if I knew what they were specifically though."

See also: Campaign, and Caved In


The Supplies are part of the Caved In Campaign mode. After you blow open a path using TNT, you enter a room of sorts. With teammates, you have to pick up everything you need before you are allowed to progress.

Background Story

Considering that you are in a cave, it's odd to see that there's suddenly a warehouse. There's no doors, no ventilation systems, and nowhere else to go besides that hole you just blew up.

Really now, this place was barricaded for a reason. You don't have the time to think about that though.


  • Split up with your team to find the Supplies. The more people scavenging the area, the faster you can get out.
  • The "Tag Objective" tool from the In-Game Store can aid you in helping find those supplies.
  • You need to pick up six of these to trigger the Boat countdown.
    • There are 6 items you must collect, and they are:
      • A radio
      • A game console
      • A can of beans
      • A handbasket
      • A bottle
      • A watch


  • While returning from R2D 2014, the supplies used then were blocky models.