"It's not that golumn from The Hobbit, it is your freaky looking robot man."
―Racing Steel


The Stone Golumn is an NPC mob that spawns in the Chronos Gate upon entering the gate. It can smash its hammer at the survivors. They can also spawn gas like creatures called Wraiths that can damage the survivors, and can't be killed by bullets.

Background Story

After the survivors figured out the way to open the Chronos Gate, they entered it and stumbled upon three giant Stone Golumns that were guarding the portal to the dimension of an all powerful clock. Their expressions were stoic, and their attacks were precise and deadly. They were a major threat to the survivors and are formidable foes that aren't to be messed with. Few survivors started coughing sporadically, and they tried to figure out the source of this infection. They later found out that green gases called Wraiths were the cause of it, but it is currently unknown where they came from.

In a twisted way, they're protecting you from a greater danger. One that few can defeat and claim victory against.


  • Avoid the Hammer Smash at all costs.
  • You can get spawn killed by the Stone Golumns if you enter the gate while they are at the spawn point.
  • Can be kicked or punched, but the Stone Golumn will not only trip, but also glitch out, leading to a possible loss for the survivors. It is highly recommended that you don't kick!
  • They spawn a large amount of Golumns so stay away and shoot them from afar.
  • They can destroy certain blocks in the Gate room so be aware.
  • Due to having so much Health, a Minigun, or a M249 is recommend to defeat them.
  • Touching the body parts of the Stone Golumn, even when dead, will result in you taking 10 HP damage.
  • They are given Immunity to explosives, so it's not recommended to bring any.
    • However, if you have a RPG in hand, fire it at the Stone Golumn when it raises its hammer up, signalling that it is about to summon Golumns or Wraiths. The explosion not only can hurt the Stone Golumn but also eliminate the Golumns and Wraiths before they even have a chance to move or attack.
  • It's best if you target one Stone Golumn at a time, so they wont spawn lots of Golumns and Wraiths.
  • Sometimes, if the Stone Golumn is about to use the Hammer Smash attack but it dies, it will still use the attack even when it's dead. So, stay away from the Stone Golumn when it dies just in case.


  • Part of the Chronos Series.
  • Similar to Golumns, the Stone Golumn appears to be floating.
    • Neither can fly up or down though.
  • This is the second non-event NPC, with the first one being Sam.
  • Like the Golumn they are also modeled after the All-Seeing Golem made by ROBLOX.
  • While not an event mob, for purposes on the Wikia, it is listed as one.
  • Used to give 2 keys when in Debug/initial release.