"It wouldn't stick for long as it has an explosive personality!"
―Pun maker


A classic World War II grenade that explodes on impact. Extra long throwing range (120 instead of normal 90).

Background Story

Some like to compare the era of the SANI virus to days long past - where millions died at the hands of other humans. But the difference between zombies killing people and people killing people is obvious, and if you think about it, far more frightening. And still, thousands upon thousands of people suffered through times like World War Two.

Now, R-Brain Hardwork had indeed taken inspiration from weapons from decades ago to produce - take the Thompson, for example. But when going through their dusty history books, recovered from various libraries, they stumbled upon a peculiar, yet powerful weapon. A Steil Grenade.

Less safe than a military standard M67 Grenade of today, but lighter, and just as powerful. A unique, odd-looking weapon, but one made with precise German engineering.


  • The Steil Grenade is even more unstable and lethal than the M67 due to its explosion by contact.
    • Throw it far away from your position to avoid death from the explosion.
    • Keep in mind, this may be easier to use for beginners as it explodes immediately on impact, unlike the Grenade.
  • Do not throw this explosive into confined spaces, the projectile may hit a wall and kill you.
    • Outside and wide spaces are the most appropriate places.
  • Use this for long-ranged combat.
  • Note that the Steil Grenade won't explode if you hold it for too long.
  • Unequipping this while preparing to throw it will allow you to put it back in your inventory.


  • The mesh is similar to the German Stielhandgranate, which was in common use by the German Army during both World Wars.
    • The term Stielhandgranate is a German translation for "Stalk hand grenade".
  • It is also called a "Stick Grenade" or “Potato Masher" by British soldiers.
  • It is one of the most easily recognized infantry weapons of the 20th century.