Status Effects are a mechanic in Reason 2 Die Awakening that affects your character's well-being. They mostly relate to Survivors, although Zombies are prone to some of them as well.

Negative Effects


This is triggered by:

After the stun takes effect, the victim remains on the ground, vulnerable, automatically getting up after a couple of seconds. Stunned zombies will still harm survivors if the player is caught in the damage hitbox without melee immunity. Brutes can still swing and throw their clubs, and Edgars can still repeatedly use their tongue.


Tickers inflict radiation damage which scales with how close the survivor is to the Ticker (or the radiation puddle which appears after a Ticker's tank has been blown up), with the minimum of 1 health per second (farthest distance), and maximum of 3-4 health per second (closest distance).

Zombified players (players that have respawned through the Zombify option on the DeathScreen) used to take damage from Ticker radiation. This bug was fixed in v0.9.2. Even if you don't lose health from it, the screen effect for Radiation still appears whenever you're near a source.


A player will be disarmed when pinned down by a Leaper, struck by an Edgar's tongue, stunned, in water, shocked, or in the Helicopter. A Boo carrying you will also disarm you.

This means that the player cannot equip their weapons or consumables until freed or until the stun effect wears off.


Burning can be triggered by making contact with a fire from a Molotov cocktail (survivors take fire damage only from Molotov's they threw themselves, not if they are wearing a Firevest) and any natural fire that can be found in certain maps. It can also be triggered by Fire Elementals and Flamethrowers.

During FFA, no matter what vest you are wearing, you can still be hurt by Molotovs and Flamethrowers.

Tickers have immunity from Flamethower's burn while Fire Elementals heal from burning.

Deals 5 damage per second for 10 seconds, 50 damage total.


Takes effect while a player is in water. A GUI with 6 bubbles will appear under the stamina bar, indicating the amount of oxygen the player has remaining. A bubble will pop every second, and after all bubbles have been depleted, the player will start taking 10 damage every second instead.

To regain oxygen, the player must come in contact with a solid surface, such as a boat or land.

In the Event maps Yeti's Cave and Rhi-Snow Territory was will take 2 damage every second you are in the water plus 10 damage every second when the 6 bubbles deplete.

Blurry Screen

Related to the drowning status effect, this status effect indicates that the player is regaining oxygen when they get out of the water. This is manifested as a couple of bubbles with an blurry background on the player's screen. People on the lower ends of the graphics setting will not have the blurry side-effect.

Lasts 1-2 seconds.


Normally triggered by flashbangs, the blindness status effect will make the player's screen completely white, making them unable to see anything for a moderate amount of time. However, the player will still be able to locate other survivors/zombies, as neither name tags or on-screen GUIs disappear while under the blindness effect.

Survivors can blind themselves with their own thrown flashbangs and not others, but all zombies in the AoE of the flashbang explosion after it has occurred will be put under the Blindness effect.


Only the Yeti and Rhi-Snow are capable of summoning multiple ice tornadoes that freezes survivors when close enough. These tornadoes would move around the map until it's short disappearance.

Unconsciousness / Temporary Death

See Also : DeathScreen

This occurs when a survivor's HP bar has reached zero. The player will then be brought to the death screen, which have 2 options: the first option involves instantly respawning as a random infected (Respawn) and the second option involves instantly being brought back as an infected with 200 HP on the same spot with a $20 fee (Zombify).

If the survivor doesn't pick any options, they will be automatically respawned as a random infected within 30 seconds. During this state, another survivor can also revive the fallen using a Defibrillator, which will bring them back to life with a temporary force-field and 20 HP.


Occurs when a Electric Elemental shocks you by touching, bolting or by a charge. Also occurs when you are within radius of a Charged Brute's smash. Your character goes into a fit as if it has just been tasered, and is disarmed for as long as you are so.

Zombified players can be shocked, but this may change in later updates.


Occurs when you glitch out of Casius Outpost. As the atmosphere has no oxygen, this effect will show you a blurry screen and your player coughing. At the first 30 seconds, nothing will happen. Then, your health will drain faster and faster while the screen gets blurrier and blurrier, leading to your eventual death.

Loss Of Limb

Occurs when you touch the lava in Halloween Bootcamp or Lord Pumpkin Jr. Whatever limb touches the lava, be it a leg or an arm, you will lose that limb. If either the head or the torso touch the lava, it results in an instant death.

This also occurs in the King Crab map with the Tsunami, but escaping without dying outright is rare. Most of the time it happens too fast for you to be able to notice that you did lose a limb.


Occurs when a Wraith touches a player. This makes you lose 10 HP at 5 HP increments for a short while.

This effect can stack.

Positive Effects


Occurs when you use the Medkit, finish a wave in Arena, or rank up. Fully heals you to your maximum HP.

Since v0.9.7, zombies can also heal when they rank up.

In Elementals you can get fully healed by using the move Transform/Rebirth. If Transform is used near a Brute, they are fully healed and become charged. Elementals can also be healed by Molotov and natural fire.

Temporary Regeneration

Occurs when drinking Strawberry Juice, this gives you short bursts of permanent health over a short period of time.

Temporary Health

Occurs when using Pills, this fills your HP bar near immediately with temporary health. As time goes on, the temporary health, shown as blue, slowly drains.

If one of your party members use it, a dark blue shade is used instead.

There is a glitch where if you take damage your temporally health bar will freeze. This glitch can be abused but isn't bannable unless your HP goes over your max.


Occurs when using Candy CanePrune Juice or Pine Juice, or when a round of Halloween Bootcamp starts. Gives you infinite stamina for set period of time, unless specified otherwise.

Your screen has a bloom effect applied onto it, an effect seen in Shoot'em Up Town, while the Booster effect is active. The more Boosters are active, the stronger the effect gets.

During Halloween 2016, a bug could occur where the bloom effect used would persist in-between rounds, even after the Boss round was over.


See Also : Immunity

The most common immunities are as follows:

  • Damage immunity can happen while kicking/punching enemies, or when using a melee weapon. This make you immune to all zombie attacks except radiation, Leapers, Edgar tongues, Brute clubs, or an Elemental's Rebirth.
  • Player force-fields can either happen when the round starts you as a survivor, when you are revived by a Defibrillator, or as a Brute by pressing/holding 'Q'.


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