Don't expect detailed information.
Currently, it is unknown if this is an official thing.
The page is rather speculative, and sources are limited.

"Game over man, game over!"
―Pvt. Hudson


It's a space station in well ... space. All we really know about the inside of it is that its interior includes a security station.

Background Story

Years before the apocalypse began, plans were made to create another orbiting space station with upgraded technology after the ISS was heavily damaged due to debris. This station could do all the things the ISS did, just on a much larger scale, more efficiently, and more. With the help of SpaceX, the station began construction only a few months after it had been announced.

When the SANI Virus began to spread, infecting a staggering amount of people, the station had already been completed. The few dozen inhabiting the surprisingly spacious station were horrified at what was happening down on Earth, but at least they were safe, right?

Sadly, the SANI Virus was among one of the many mandatory vaccinations for the astronauts on the station. When it awoke, it wreaked havoc upon the poor souls who had nowhere to go.

The few who didn't receive the vaccination (good thing "health concerns" existed) have nothing to do but stand and fight. In space, there's nowhere to run.


Again, it has a security station. Unknown if other detail is expected.


  • Asphyxiation is most likely possible like in Casius Outpost.
  • Add more useful tips once this map is in Debug.


  • This is the second map to take place outside of Earth, after Casius Outpost.
  • This is the first map being made by HolidayPwner, creator of Holiday's World (PlaceRebuilder's favorite game), and an ad in Shoot'em Up Town.

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