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The Skincrate was added in v0.8.2 and is used to unlock special skins for certain weapons. They are currently sold for 25 ROBUX each in the Store on the left-hand side of the menu.

Before this was added, PlaceRebuilder had to decide between being able to acquire Skincrates by finding them in maps and using ROBUX, or only being able to acquire them through ROBUX. He chose the latter.

If you wish to purchase one, you'll find it under the "Robux Store" tab in the store.

You can view all skins here.

How To Use

  1. Firstly, click a primary or secondary weapon in the Store.
  2. Click the Skincrate icon.
  3. In the opened section, click the square with a Skincrate and click on "Use" to use it.
    • If a Skincrate icon does not appear, then that weapon does not have any extra skins, or anymore skins.

Version Implemented

This is a list for when each skin was made available.

For a more comprehensible list of all the skins, click here.

As of v0.9.6, you can no longer purchase skins using cash. You must own a Skincrate to get ANY CUSTOM skin for your weapons.

If you had any Silverback, Dark Iron, Roosevelt weapon variation, or Forest for the M16A1 prior to v0.9.6, you can keep those without any extra cost.

SteyrM - Marble Gecko

Marble Gecko

M93R - Frost Morning

Frosty Morning

Dragunov - Asimo


SteyrM - Freedom Skin


Minigun - Freedom


Rambo Vengence


Rambo Tai


Rambo Emerald


Rambo Rainbow


Rambo Fierce


Rambo Marx


Rambo Stealth


R Brass


R Dimensions







  • Tacticool for the Wingmaster and Asimo for the Dragunov were available prior to v0.8.2 for a 50R$ Gamepass and 500$ of in-game cash respectively.
    • At the time, Tacticool was the only skin available for Robux.
  • You can technically buy unlimited crates, but the amount of skins you can get are currently limited.
  • One skin is rewarded per Skincrate.
    • Every skin you get is unique, and you cannot get the same skin twice.
  • The first R2DA Twitter code gave a Skincrate.
  • If you logged into R2DA on the 24 or 25th of December 2016, you got 1 hour Double EXP, 1,500$ and 1 FREE Skincrate.
  • Generally, you can see skins before they're released by checking out PlaceRebuilder's inventory.
  • As of v1.1.6, there are 224 unique skins that you can receive from a Skincrate, costing 5,600R$ in total.
  • As of now, PlaceRebuilder has given out three Skincrates for free. Keep an eye out for the next one.