"Isn't it ironic that you're shooting zombies in a town called Shoot'em Up town?"


A bright, cartoon styled town. Complete with a movie theater, restaurants, houses, and more.

Background Story

Even if they were a little behind the times, everyone who lived in this town believed it added to the charm.

Needless to say, their outdated technologies were no match for the modern zombie.

It's a ghost town now.


Survivors spawn near a train station and a statue.

Behind you stands a residential area. A large school which can be climbed, and a neighbourhood resides there.

Crossing the bridge, a warehouse is to your right, followed by two apartment buildings. A police station can be seen right after.

Going down the street, a movie theatre can be seen on your left with various restaurants dotting the left side. More apartment buildings can be seen, but even more restaurants can be seen in this distance.

A parking lot is also behind the movie theatre.


  • Some parkour on the roof can make you an easy escape from an incoming horde.
  • Use the mini monorail to escape zombies or easily get around town.
  • Use small, cramped areas as an opportunity to use a grenade or fire a round from your M202. For example, the back alleys.
  • The train may be too fast. Make sure to be careful when it turns the corners, as you might get thrown off the map.
  • Using a sniper like the Barrett 50 Cal. or Dragunov can help on this map since it is quite big.


  • The map's design is based off the "Shoot 'em Up" genre of games from the 1990s.
  • This is the second city map in R2DA, with the first being 1930's Kingstreet.
  • At the side of the movie theater, there are 5 movie posters.
  • This map has a bloom effect, similar to the Boost Status Effect.
  • You can interact with the train station's "bell" by pressing F. It makes a ringing sound when interacted with.
    • It can also be rung by striking it with an object such as a body or a thrown Rambo Knife.
  • So far, this is the only map to use water that isn't terrain.
  • The Rescue timer on this map is 10 minutes, making playing a Rescue round for this map similar to a Survival round.

Movie Posters

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