You can find Settings in basically every single video game. These are preferences that allow the players to tweak minor variables to make game play more enjoyable than it was before.


This section gives players the ability to modify minor things about control. There are three options.

  • Mac Mouse

Adapt the game to Mac Mouse users.

If a player activates this without a Mac Mouse, the only noticeable downside will be that using ADS will be done by pressing Q instead of the right mouse button. Other effects are unknown.

  • Cursor

Allows you to change the aiming cursor.

There are four cursor styles at the moment:

  1. R2DA - a cross shape, with a small dot surrounded by four bars. This is chosen as the default.
  2. Bit Aim - a square shape, consisting of 4 rounded corners and a dot in the middle.
  3. Classic - a circle shape, with a point in the middle surrounded by a ring. This is the default ROBLOX crosshair.
  4. Trinity - a triangle shape, consisting of three thin white lines that surround the center.
  • Smooth Mouse

Makes the cursor trajectories a lot smoother.

In the case of snipers, this can help you aim at a target without being held back.


This section allows you to configure different audio sources. There are three options.

  • Mute

Allows you to deactivate or reactivate the music in-game.

There's a hotkey on the bar on the bottom on the screen in-case you need it on the fly.

  • Menu Mute

Allows you to deactivate or reactivate the main menu music.

  • Theme Music

Allows to change the music of the main menu. There are 2 options, however, during Christmas, there were 3.

  1. R2DA - a track with a more epic feel. This is chosen as the default.
  2. R2DA Classic - the track used during the DEMO phase of R2DA. It has a rather cartoonish style.
  3. Christmas - a rather jolly tune. You can't use this one currently.


When other settings don't fit in with other settings, this is the section for them. There are seven options.

  • Translucent Arms

Makes the player's arms translucent.

This allows players with a ROBLOX package too bulky to see their weapon if their arms conceal the weapon in First Person.

  • Mini Healthbars

Reduces the size of other players' life bars.

This is useful if the player has a small screen resolution or wants less visual clutter.

  • Tutorial

This is a quick run-through on how R2DA works. This is enabled as a default.

When activated, relevant messages will pop up on the player's screen depending on what the player does.

  • Blood FX

If activated, blood particles in the shape of blocks will spill out if a humanoid dies.

  • Modcall Notification (Moderator+ only)

If enabled, a notification will appear when a Modcall is sent.

You can turn it off if you want to avoid distractions.

  • Auto-Party

When activated, the player will automatically join any random Party.

If no party is created, a new one will be created with a title automatically generated.

  • Auto-Ready

When activated, the player will automatically join the game at the beginning of a round.

If the subscribe button is enabled in the Shop, it is recommended that you disable this setting if you are AFK to avoid unnecessary expenses.


See here for more information.


  • During Pre-Demo, there were no Settings at all.
  • During the DEMO, the only option that was available was enabling or disabling Mac Mouse.
  • Titles created by the Auto-Party function were made by PlaceRebuilder.
  • Originally, "3D Store" was also a Setting, but was removed when the new Store GUI was implemented.

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