"This is FERRY better then cafe county!"


This is the second boat map to be added to R2DA.

The first, Porta Coeli II has since been removed. The map is relatively small and is mainly based on close quarters combat.

Background Story

Escaping the threats of 1930's Kingstreet, the Truck driver decided they should board the S.S. Boliviar to escape any oncoming danger.

The ferry itself housed abandoned cars, and the whole place was generally considered safe. The ride was quiet, and the journey was going to be quite long, so everyone buckled down.

Well, until someone sounded a car alarm. Turns out there's a lot of zombies just roaming the ocean floor - they don't need oxygen, you see.

It's a good thing a Brute is too bulky to float up to the surface, but Elementals are rather nimble and seem to populate these waters.

To the survivors' dismay, they slowly began to realize that in the middle of the ocean, there's nowhere to run.


The first floor houses vehicles, some lifeboats, and is generally open. Two shorter staircases ascend to their own respective Ammo Station. Through the metal doors, you can access the power room.

Going up the slender, but longer staircases, you enter into a common room. There are four doors that you can use to leave onto a balcony. A ladder places you at the top of the map.

The top is a bit compact, but besides some crates, there shouldn't be anything blocking your path. On both ends, a wheelhouse can be found.


  • With it being a rather small map, take caution whenever you decide to use explosives.
  • Beware of Elementals and Diggers, as they can easily knock you into the water.
  • A Molotov can be a great tool in cutting off routes and pathways away from zombies.
    • Stay away from the Molotov though, since this is a somewhat of a cramped map.
  • Playing as a Fire Elemental is favoured over the Electric Elemental, as you can use your Rebirth move to blast people off the map.
  • Due to this map being a small one, the Brute (and the Charged variant) are banned.
  • For a tactical advantage in Rapid Infection, try to reach the top of the map as fast as you can to get on top of the wheelhouses.
    • From there, you can simply just kick off zombies from on top to bide your time.
  • Be careful when shooting the Ticker. Since its a small map, you and your fellow survivors will get damage constantly making it harder to survive.
  • S.S Boliviar is a small map. Bringing close range weapons like a Flamethrower could be a good option.


  • This is the second boat map added to R2DA. The first being Porta Coeli II.
    • To be technical, this is the third boat map to be made for R2DA, as MS Antares was submitted before this was made.
      • This map was added first though, making it the second.
        • In contrast to the first, nothing in this map is dynamic. Everything is stationary, and the illusion of moving is done through tweaking with particle emitters.
  • It can be concluded that this map takes place before or after 1930's Kingstreet due to the presence of the Truck.
  • This is the second map to have zombie restrictions, with the first being Porta Coeli II.
    • However, it is the only map available to see these restrictions in action.
  • Overall, this is based on the real life Galveston Ferry service as seen here.
  • This was the first map not to contain Survival Unlimited when it was first released.
  • A constant engine noise can be heard in the background while playing this map from the ferry.
  • During Debug, the Loading Screen misspelt "nariox" as "nairox".
  • There are multiple Easter Eggs around the map. For example, you can find a box of "Bacon Flakes" behind one of the computers.
    • This of itself may be a reference to the Bacon Flakes easter egg in fudsim's Guest Obby.
    • There is also a can of "Shaggy", a reference to roscripts' The Shaggy Drink, which can then be found in one of the wheelhouses.

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