"While the water here isn't dangerous; I wouldn't advise taking a dip."


It's the location where you will be fighting the Rhi-Snow during R2DA's Christmas 2016 Event.

Background Story

An ice block sitting in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, this land is the cozy (?) home of the Rhi-snow, a deadly ice rhino that seemed to evolve to adapt to live on this block. It apparently attacks everyone on its home, until they die of hypothermia or they get their heads bashed inwards.


This map is smaller than what you would expect, with the water taking up the majority of the space. 4 Ammo Stations line the borders of the circular-shaped iceberg. There's nothing really notable of the map, as the focus is on the fight.


  • The water deals 2 damage per second.
  • There are 4 Ammo Stations, so you should be fine knowing you can refill your weapon up to 16 times.
  • If the Rhi-snow is charging at you, it is recommended to jump on a refill station or take a bit damage by swimming in the water and soon resurfacing.
    • You can also sprint-jump over the Rhi-snow and go behind it.
  • Wearing no accessories will make you unfreeze faster.


  • Rhi-snow Territory isn't very detailed compared to other maps, as the map only contains water and an ice block sitting in the middle of the Arctic Ocean with 4 ammo tables.
  • If the Rhi-snow falls out from the map, it will immediately spawn back on the platform. This also happens whenever it goes into the water.
    • However, if flung out far enough, this results in an instant-win for the round.

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