Rescue has been around since the old days of R2D 2009, in which you have to wait for a rescue vehicle to come (3 - 10 minutes R2DA terms), and then wait another minute or so for the rescue vehicle to drive, sail, or fly away. In R2DA, you have to wait for the Helicopter.


  • Using crowd control weapons like the Minigun could be useful while defending the Helicopter.
  • You can use a Pipebomb to lure zombies away from the Helicopter if it's too crowded near the Helicopter.
    • If you don't have one on hand, you can also throw a Grenade down then duck into the Helicopter to get rid of a horde.
  • It's recommended to stay close to the Helicopter landing spot.
    • This makes for an easier escape, and you won't have to run across the map just to get in.
  • Diggers can easily knock you away from a Helicopter, so pay attention if you see one charging towards you.


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