"This is one of those weapons that any marksman hopes to get their hands on. Stunning damage with stunning precision, great for picking from a far; but risky, since you have only one shot for one head every few seconds. I wouldn't be using it if there's about ten zombies after me."


This weapon is great for picking off zombies at long ranges, but you have to be careful when using this at mid range or close range. Its slow fire rate and having only one bullet in a clip makes it very hard to deal with bunny hopping zombies, so it's best to generally avoid close quarters. Bringing a reliable secondary to deal with zombies at close range is recommended.

This is a sniper, so headshots are a one shot on most zombies, so try to aim for those.

Background Story

This bolt-action rifle was popular with many hunters before the SANI Virus took over. To avoid attacking zombies from only close range, some sharpshooting survivors began to equip this rifle to snipe down zombies with a single shot. The Remington 700 is favoured for the incredible accuracy and damage of the .30-06 Caliber bullet, nothing but a decent range and a satisfying firing sound.


  • It's recommended to switch to your secondary to finish off zombies who survive one shot, as you only have one shot per magazine.
  • Make sure you can hit or kill a zombie with your shots. Try to make shots count to conserve ammo.
    • Most headshots will be an instakill.
      • A Ticker will die with two headshots.
    • Using it to fight a Brute isn't the best idea you can get, as you have to constantly reload.
  • The Remington 700, Barrett 50 Cal, and the Dragunov are an Edgar's worst enemy, so keep that in mind.
  • It is recommended to use first-person and ADS with this weapon.
  • Using the Vortex 30mm Scope gives the Remington 700 even more accuracy.
  • Using the LP Hawkview grants night vision (when scoping in) and a small amount of accuracy.
  • Bringing a reliable secondary is a good idea. Virtually all secondaries couple well with the Remington, aside from the M202 which does not have enough ammo to act as a suitable backup weapon.
  • This weapon may not have a great performance on zombies, but on Team Deathmatch, it can perform admirably since players don't have any extra health.
  • Similar to the Wingmaster, mag-giving armors will only give you extra bullets, not magazines.


  • The first sniper rifle to be ever added in R2DA.
  • This is referred in-game as the "R700".
  • Buffs have been applied to the Remington:
    • Formerly had 100 Accuracy, but was buffed to 200 at v0.9.4.
    • At v0.6.0, the Remington was buffed from 90 Range to 140.
      • At v0.9.4. the Range was further buffed to 200, the current Range.
    • Before v1.1.3, this required rank 2 to purchase.
  • The price used to be 4,500$ before v0.9.5.
    • At first launch, the Remington cost 6,000$.
    • While it was 4,500$, there were many debates on whether this or the DB Shotgun was a better deal.
  • The Dragunov and the AK-47 share the firing sound of this gun, while the FATAL5 shares the reload sound.
  • One of the six weapons to be converted from CSG.
  • This is the cheapest available primary with a price tag of 1,500$.