Rapid Infection is a Gamemode where basically one tap from a zombie and you're dead.

All starting zombies have 3000 HP. All survivors have 10 HP. After dying as a survivor, you turn into a zombie after 5 seconds, but you only have 1000 HP.

You all have one life.

There are two ways of winning: killing all of the zombies or waiting for the time to run out.



  • You cannot equip vests, so 10 HP is all you have, regardless if you are in the Community or not.
  • Punch and Kick to knock down zombies and gain Immunity to attacks for a short period of time.
    • This is the only way to stay safe, as melee weapons do not supply the Immunity that you are used to.
    • Even then, watch out for Idle zombies. Their high health and relentless attacks will easily kill you if you don't get away.
  • Only fire at zombies if you are at a safe distance away.
  • Since zombies have high health in this Gamemode, a Minigun is recommended.
  • Be aware of fall damage, since it's extremely likely that it will instantly kill you.
  • Glass will instantly kill you, so stay away at all costs.
  • You can't bring Items with you into Rapid Infection, but you can still use the In-Game Store.
    • The Fire Extinguisher can help push all zombies away to their doom. Don't rely on it completely though, since zombies can still have a chance to hit you even while using it.
  • Using the Bell as a secondary can allow you to manipulate zombies to fall out of the map, getting rid of one more obstacle.
  • Camping may be the solution to your problems if you die constantly.
  • If people start dropping dead around you, escape as fast as you can from the area you are in.
  • Jerry Cans and Propane can be used as lethal traps.
    • Be extremely careful. Don't get too close to where they're placed down before triggering it.
      • It's recommended to have someone else shoot them instead so that this risk is eliminated.
    • If zombies are being stubborn, use a Fire Extinguisher to push them into the area.


  • Only regular zombies spawn in Rapid Infection. You cannot earn or buy into any Special Infected.
    • While the option to buy Special Infected is in the In-Game Store, this will not transform you into any Special Infected.
  • You cannot use the Zombie Leveling System.
  • Once you've killed a survivor they become your "child", and you will share in their kill rewards.
    • You get 10$ for each kill your child gets.
    • You get 5$ for each kill your decedents past your child get.
  • Try to go for survivors who seem like they have low stamina, as they won't be able to defend themselves from you using melee attacks.
  • Idle is an easy way of money, so use that if you wish. (It's quite frowned upon though.)
  • Once you die, you remain dead.


  • This is the first Gamemode to adjust zombie health without any input from the Zombie Leveling System.
  • When you respawn as a zombie, a small animation plays which also occurs when someone zombifies in a normal Gamemode.
  • This is the first non-PVP Gamemode to disallow items and armor.
  • When you kill a zombie, sometimes you get 50$, 10$, or nothing at all.

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