"Oh man, oh man, it's your very favorite kitchen knife, the Rambo Knife! It can slice Smoker tongues in an instant! With this new edition, it's guaranteed to save you from any Edgar tounges licking you! Buy now for 26 thous— Oh wait Jerry, it barely saves you from anything."


A short-range survival knife capable of slicing zombies and making them trip and fall over. This allows for some easy pickings.

Background Story

Everyone has a knife in their house.

Knives are used for so many things — opening your packages, cutting meat, accidentally wounding yourself, and more! They're just so versatile. So, when the apocalypse came along, many reached for their simple knives. Sure, perhaps they aren't as great as an Axe for dealing damage, but knives are light, easy to use, fun to swing around, and useful for incapacitating those brain-dead infected for a bit.

R-Brain Hardwork decided to do some research into the logistics of creating a knife with an optimal balance between force and being lightweight and found that it was quite difficult to find this perfect balance. With small knives, there was too little room for modifications. They eventually settled on just making it as high-quality as possible and telling their buyers to go a sort of "Rambo" while using it. This just meant swinging it as hard as they could.


  • Throwing it will do 50% extra damage. Landing a hit with a throw will deal 82.5 damage.
  • Unlike R2D 2014, this cannot save you from a Leaper or an Edgar.
    • However, if an Edgar shoots its tongue at you and you manage to cut it, you will be able to deflect the tongue.
  • Like other melee weapons, Prune Juice, Pine Juice, and Candy Canes will be extremely useful with the Rambo.
  • Don't use this in combat with a Ticker.
    • Chances are that you will lose most of your health.
  • Learning to quickly switch between your Primary weapon and this can be useful and save some unnecessary damage.
  • Instead of clicking once when you melee a zombie, hold down your mouse so you can quickly throw a knife at them while they are down. This saves time and makes it easier to land the throw.
  • Slashing your enemies with the Rambo Knife in Team Deathmatch sets up your victim for a simple execution with a throw onto their backs.
  • You can throw this to open doors that require a humanoid touch.
    • For example, Zero Kelvin Station's keypad doors. By throwing it at the keypad, it will be registered and the door will open.
  • Like the Brute club throw, the throw is affected by gravity.
    • Also like a club throw, if you position yourself close enough, a Rambo Knife throw can go right through a wall.


  • This is the first returning melee weapon from R2D 2014.
  • Throwing wasn't implemented until v0.9.1. Along with throwing came with some new animations.
    • The former animations were the same as R2D 2014.
    • The animations now synergize into a 3-hit combo.
      • A fourth one can be seen when you jump and click mid-air.
  • This used to consume 6 of stamina units per swing compared to the 5 you see today.
  • In Debug, this used to cost 32,000$ and dealt 35 damage to mobs.
  • There is an uncommon glitch where you can throw two knives at once.
    • However, this glitch became extremely difficult to perform as a side effect of some Karambit patches.
  • A glaring glitch existed in Team Deathmatch in where a thrown Rambo Knife could damage your own teammates, and killing them would earn you experience and money. This was patched quickly.
  • With a total number of 11 unique Skins, the Rambo Knife ties with the Wingmaster and the M16A1 for having the most available skins out of all the weapons in R2DA.
    • The "Breezy" skin is the first fan-made skin made specifically for R2DA.

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