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"Using illegal materials, forbidden crafting and surreal technology, K177 has made 18 identical copies of this beast, given only to the most trustworthy and experienced survivors of all time. If anyone who isn't part of the whitelist is seen using this weapon, they are doomed to banishment by the very ones who's been given the weapon."


This is the most powerful sniper rifle in the game. Or, was. It one shot everything with a headshot except Brutes, was insanely accurate, and had a huge range. Able to three shot Brutes with headshots. This weapon was being abused by moderators due to its power, and was later replaced with the much less powerful FATAL5. The only downside to it was its relatively slow firerate and small amount of ammo in a clip, but that was remedied easily by a reliable secondary.

Background Story

It is not very well known exactly how long this weapon has been under development by K177 scientists.

Rumors spread across the world rather slowly due to the survivor's having very little interest in the company, although it had very advanced technology. Many said that it was a prototype even before the SANI outbreak begun, pointing out that it's possible it had been in development for years. Although the weapon was extremely powerful, many feared that if this became a common weapon, zombies would become the least of the survivor's problems. Thus, only eighteen elite survivors were given access to the prototype weapon.

Eventually, survivors noticed that the power of the weapon began to get to the head of many of the chosen, so it had to be forcefully taken by the scientists and later given back, with a single modification that changed the whole system of the weapon; the coolants were gone, and it takes four times as longer for it to be ready to dispatch a Concentrated Electromagnetic D.U. Sabot.

The name of the prototype is Basilisk XS1, but people call it Railgun instead.


  • Aiming is crucial when wielding this weapon, since it takes a long time to reload and even shoot again.
  • Railgun's accuracy or hip fire is not perfect, so prevent doing too long range shots since you are likely to miss.
  • With a nice headshot, you can instantly kill a Ticker.


  • The only people who could legally use the Railgun were: killer1710, Kezzera, Robertandy11, 33noobdovakin33, Psihycho, Alectfenrir123, Chosytwo, briktik, KingXCVII, serun15, EvilCreation, Phalanyx, Zilth, AndreiBernikov, Nathaniel57, jopede, PlaceRebuilder, Verletzend.
  • Due to abuse, the Railgun was heavily nerfed. If you think the values you see now are high, think twice.
  • The Railgun's lasers can penetrate through multiple zombies.
    • This was the first gun to penetrate through zombies (the next gun capable was the Barrett 50 Cal.).
    • Also the first gun to shoot lasers (the next gun capable was the FATAL5).
  • One of the first long range weapons in R2DA.
    • Also one of the few guns to have custom sightmarks (when the XS1 Scope was equipped).
  • D.U. stands for Depleted Uranium.
  • The Railgun was the rarest weapon in the game.
  • This was removed on the R2DA platform and has been replaced by the FATAL5.
  • In real life, a Railgun could backfire and cause an explosion that could kill the operator.
  • The Barrett 50 Cal. easily trumps the range and accuracy of this, but not the damage.

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