Universes are a system in R2DA that allows players to choose a server pertaining to what they like, whether it's constant Free For All, Survival Unlimited, or just your run-of-the-mill regular apocalypse.


Types of Servers

  • Beginners (Ranks 0 - 10, 20 players max)
    • Play Reason 2 Die Awakening with beginners only. Easier to level up over here! Only ranks 0 - 10 are allowed into this server.
  • Prestige (Ranks 25+, 26 players max)
    • The finest elite gathers at these servers. No zombie purchase limits, multiple brutes and more! Only ranks 25+ are allowed into this server.
  • Survival Unlimited (All ranks, 30 players max)
    • Survive for an infinitely long time. If you die, you'll respawn after 5 minutes. All ranks are allowed into this server.
  • Default (All ranks, 30 players max)
    • Good old R2DA, the way it's supposed to be played! All ranks are allowed into this server.
  • Apocalypse (All ranks, 30 players max)
    • Only zombie game modes, no MMA, FFA, BOSS, etc. All ranks are allowed into this server.
  • Battlestation (All ranks, 30 players max)
    • Survivor vs survivor only! No zombies allowed, only PvP gamemodes like FFA. Ranks 5+ are allowed into this server.
  • Team Death (All Ranks, 30 players max)
    • Team Deathmatch only! Fight others in the other team!


  • This feature was added in v0.9.3.
    • However, the interface received an overhaul in v0.9.9, and this page is currently outdated.
  • In Debug, you couldn't vote Free For All, Snowball Fight, or Free Brawl in Battlestation because these were set to exclusive by accident.
    • As such, players could not start votes and were left to chance to get their preferred Gamemodes.
    • When the system was introduced in v0.9.3, this small issue was fixed, and their exclusive status for Battlestation was turned off.

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