The Release Event celebrated the release of Reason 2 Die: Awakening.

This signified the end of the DEMO period, and onto a brand new era.

Exclusive Mobs

Exclusive Maps

New/Returning Gamemodes

Exclusive Event Items

Major Event Updates

Note: These logs only contain update notes pertaining to the event itself, if you want to view the entirety of update logs, please click here.

Update 0.5.2 (Preparation)

+ Added Newspaper (unavailable)

Update 0.5.4 (Further Preparation)

+ Added Strawberry Juice (unavailable)

+ Added Pine Juice (unavailable)

+ Added Prune Juice (unavailable)

Update 0.5.9 (More Preparation)

+ Added Crab Armor (unavailable)

Update 0.6.1 (Release)

+ Added CrabKing

+ Added Crabmine

+ Added Eventstore

^ Pine, Strawberry and Prune Juice available

^ Crab armor available

^ Newspaper available

Update 0.6.5 (Fixed Boss Tripping)

* Fixed Tripping BOSS mobs

Update 0.6.7 (Lowered price for items)

^ Lowered price on Crab armor

^ Lowered price on Crabmine

Update 0.6.8 (Removed Hammer from Bossfight; bugfixes)

^ Added no hammer to Crab king

* Fixed Bossview in menu

Update 0.6.9 (Bugfixes; buying Tickets)

+ Added option to buy Tickets (!)

* Fixed NoHammer on Crab

Update 0.7.0 (Removal of Boss)

- Removed CrabKing

     You can still buy Tickets for a little while

     incase you were saving up for newspaper

Update 0.7.9 (Removal of Eventstore)

- Removed Eventstore


  • This was R2DA's second event.
  • Both the Event Store and Tickets appeared for the first time in this event.