These are words occasionally tossed around by the community, both in-game and within the Wikia. If you feel like you have a term that should be within here, feel free to add it in!

Just don't break the code.

A new player to both ROBLOX and R2DA. As such, they don't know the basics of how things work and will probably stare at you blankly while you're getting mauled by a Leaper.

You can identify one based on the default ROBLOX avatar, and either their Steyr M or DB Shotgun.

"That guy looks like 3.0 Trash."

"Reason 2 Die" in hashtags after the ROBLOX filter got to the game.

Everyone, including PlaceRebuilder, complained about this. In a retort, the game name was temporarily changed to "Reason 2 Hashtag".

This name was thrown around by a few people about the AK-47 when it was released, as the suspiciously low damage & high accuracy made some players think that the AK-47 was actually an AK-74.

Also known to most users as higuystuff, he was a R2DA player who was known in the community for his videos.

Unfortunately however, unbeknownst to most of the community, he passed away on September 12th, 2017.

Memorial page can be found here.

"We'll all miss you, Bob."

A popular phrase used when a user is jealous of the winner(s) that have successfully completed a mission or survived the onslaught.

"Boo! You didn't deserve to win! You left me to die!"

A user who has been deeply angered to the point where they have to manipulate the game to give them a Brute.

Signs of one include silence while as a Brute, expressed happiness at a death of a survivor, and 600$ that has suddenly gone missing.

Besides being angry, this can also occur if a person is both incredibly rich and bored, or just wants to pull a win for the zombies.

"Hey guys, look, a Brute Buyer."

A phrase stated commonly stated by PeridotIsWithYou, where Peridot generally states something about buffing the FAMAS or at least something about it, so far to as stating things about the FAMAS in the most unexpected areas.


Word used by users in suggestion board to bring back attention to their thread, so other users can share their opinion about it.

"Bump", "Another Bump", "Weekend Bump", "Seasonal Bump", "Bump, because i can!"

"Jeez, stop"

A term used to describe how horrible a player plays, or how toxic a player's personality is.

"That guy watched me die just to steal my stuff. Cancer."

A joking term that is usually used by Jopede to poke fun at Rockynic and his French accent.


A term and meme that suggests to close a user's own account, and leave.

"Please deactivate."

Someone who says "vote yes" or "vote no" in the chat while a new Map and Gamemode is being voted to persuade people into getting what they want.

"Guys vote no."

"What are you, a dictator?"

A Digger is essentially a remake of the Crawlers from R2D 2014 which were added in v1.0.0.

Immediately upon release, it gained infamy for being quite a nuisance to handle. Its signature ability to trip a player upon touch have caused many agonising experiences for players.

"Why hasn't the Digger been nerfed yet?"

A short phrase and meme used to request popular artists to draw them.

This is notable between H.F.B.T.M and Hotorchi.

Another user, DoofDuckShmirtz has so far made two songs about this.

"Draw me, Hotorchi."

PlaceRebuilder's favorite phrase to say to hackers when he perm-bans them. A few moderators have also said this.

EvilCreation is a former moderator for R2DA as well as an R2D 2014 admin. He is well known amongst older players of the series.

He left in the January of 2016 for unknown reasons but has come back in the August of 2017, surprising many.

By popular opinion, the most overpowered weapon ever released in the R2D series.

This gun practically shreds everything in its path and is compared to a Minigun in terms of lethality. However, unlike the Minigun, you could refill the Famas.

In the case of R2DA, the Famas is seen as the complete opposite. Instead of holding the title as a server decimator, it now holds the title of being completely kaput. It's commonly referred to by the community as generally a weaker AK-47.

It has yet to recover from the infamy.

A term that was especially prominent in R2D 2014. This was used when a person died in Free For All back then due to another user using a Famas.

This implies a lack of skill to their murderer, as the Famas in that game was extremely overpowered and easy to kill with.

"Ew, a Famaser."

A short phrase when a person or a group of people do not support a suggestion posted in the Suggestions Forum.

"Please get out."

A term which is commonly associated with a ban or the act of getting banned. The term's origins are the name of a Russian government agency that regulated forced labour camps. Formerly used a lot by "Love and Krieg", a user on the old Wikia.

"You're vandalizing pages? Gulag for you then."

One of the few terms blurted out when a player dies. Also has a short term, known as "HAX".

This can be used sarcastically or seriously. Most of the time, people witnessing this assume the latter.


A nickname given to a Minigun user. Based off of the Team Fortress 2 class, the Heavy.

"Heh, a Heavy I see."

A phrase which is chanted whenever Jopede is online on R2DA Discord server.

Usually seen a sign of respect. A user has also taken it upon themselves to base their username on this phrase.

"Heil Jopede."

"Yes, heil."

A phrase that means "in before." It's commonly used to predict something before it happens.

"inb4 brute club"

A catchphrase used by Bboop, a user on R2DA's official Discord.

It's often used at random, but more commonly seen as a sarcastic response to questions.

"Guys, why not lighten up a bit?"

"joe momma"

A test account created by ROBLOX's Admins.

He has recently gained traction in the ROBLOX community, and it was rumoured that he would hack ROBLOX on March 18th. Not surprisingly, nothing happened, but he is still thrown around and sometimes used as clickbait on Youtube.

Jopede is an administrator on the R2DA Wikia and is quite popular due to his personality.


A phrase that is mainly derogatory that is used at another user who displays signs of immaturity. It is also commonly used as a condescending, insulting term, even towards those who do not appear to be immature.

"Kid, stop it. You're getting on my nerves."

A verb which is also known as the shorter "KS'ing". The act of killing a zombie heavily damaged by someone else.

"Hey, quit killstealing my targets."

A former user who purged and committed mass genocide to trolls, scrubs, idiots and little 9-year-old kids in the old Wikia.

He has since been exiled.

A popular phrase used around the internet when something is funny. "LOL" stands for "Laugh Out Loud".

Normally used when a survivor dies.

"Lol, you died!"

A term usually used by people commenting on Coolan28's, known as "Coolan", or PassTheToiletPaper's, known as "Pass" or "PTTP" editing spree on this Wikia.

Sometimes even used by the people in question commenting on themselves.

"Geez, he really needs to stop mass editing."

An infamous thread made by user Diegofighter101 concerning a buff for the Minigun. Said user also provided a video which showed why the user regretted buying the Minigun, showing him attempting to snipe with the Minigun. The thread has seen a lot of hate from the community, and some want it moved to the Trash board.

"This is why i regret buying the minigun"

Commonly used by ignorant Battlestation players who use this as an excuse because they were killed by a grenade.

"Wow, nade spammer"

The user who has created the S.S. Boliviar, but has been banned on this Wikia for posting NSFW images.

Came back as another user, Rolling Sphere, but was also banned shortly after being exposed. There have been calls for him to be unbanned for creating his now implemented map, but have so far been unsuccessful.

An extremely popular term thrown around on the internet, and especially so on ROBLOX.

This is normally used when a player is bad in general, but is supposed to be used to mainly refer to new players.

"What a noob."

A term used when someone is killed without the killer using the scope on a firearm. The weapon is usually a sniper rifle, as killing without using the scope is considered more difficult than using it.


A phrase thrown around on the internet that means "Not Safe For Work".

Often coupled with inappropriate content as a warning.

"Whoa there, that's NSFW."

A phrase commonly used to refer to a Grenade. It's blast radius is extremely infamous around the community, as it's radius is larger than even the M202 itself.

"why is the grenade a nuke from fallout"

The first user in R2DA to hit Rank 39.

PlaceRebuilder has once joked that this one user actually consists of a team of 10 Koreans who have worked in tandem to get him there.

He is largely regarded for his extreme skill in both R2DA and saving a server from being absolutely terrible.

The creator behind the R2D Series.

It's not common to see players immediately swamp him — survivors and zombies alike.

See "PR Logic".

PlaceRebuilder has joined the server.


"Phial of Galadriel."



A term used when an event has happened in-game would not exactly reflect what would happen in real life.

"Some water kills you, some water doesn't. Must be PR logic."

A popular meme around the Internet said by Solaire of Astora. First introduced by TDeadNotBigSurprise and then slowly gained popularity. Not so long after that, SomeChillGuyHere then decided to change his name to LeSunPrasier with the rest becoming history.

"Praise the Sun!"

Nothing to note.

A person who gets angry easily and shouts at the server at the first sign of inconvenience.

"Man, just stop being a rager."


Often stated when someone suddenly leaves a game after losing. Closely related to "Rager".

This is often abbreviated as "RQ".

Person A has left the server.


One of the few terms blurted out when a player dies and is considered cringy by some users. This is an intentional misspelling of "wrecked" and it can come in many forms (e.g "wrekt").

What some players may say whenever they defeat someone, whether in-game or during a conversation.

"Hehe, rekt."

One of the few terms blurted out when a player dies. Another variation is "Rest In Pepperoni".

This is slang for "RIP", which means "Rest In Peace".

The term is used when other people witness someone dying in-game.

"Whoops, ripperoni."

A term used to describe an extremely moody user after another user's action.

Normally seen and used after death.

"What are you, salty?"

User that has made some very good suggestions, which were approved by PlaceRebuilder, and is widely regarded as the Supreme Suggestion Poster.

Also made an ad that got into Tokyo, Japan.

"Suggestion by Sanquo"

"Good suggestion"

This is a popular battle cry for crusaders and for people who watch anime.

The exact meaning unknown, but the word itself is versatile. It can be used as a verb, adverb, noun, and adjective.

This is a common term used when discussing an individual who sucks at whatever game is being played or is trying way too hard at said game.

The term is similar to "Noob" in some aspects.

"What a scrub."

A super cool term only used for super cool people.

In reality, Serun15 was a former moderator for the R2D series. He has since been fired for raiding the R2DA Discord.

Basically sucar, but 50 times cooler.

The origin of this term comes from an infamous thread created by Ilyescat88800 concerning a possible buff for the Spas-12. The Spas-12 that you experience today is only a mere fraction of its former self.

After gaining extreme notoriety, the whole thread itself was eventually moved to the Trash Board.

A type of sugar specifically made for Wibzillas.

A meme that was used when Love and Krieg was around in the old Wikia.

This was originally a joke suggestion until one too many people took it seriously.

An online personality well known in the R2DA community for his Youtube videos about R2DA.

Another alias of his is JOHN ROBLOX.

A user, who has been permanently banned for posting NSFW images.

The individual in question has made several alternative accounts to just be on the R2DA Wikia. As such, the Moderator Team has to work lengths in trying to stamp down his attempts to come back.

So far, he has made six accounts, and possibly even more.

A basic insult that people use while thinking of a better insult.

This is occasionally associated with a user and their weapon of choice.

"You're trash for killing me with that stupid DB Shotgun."

A person who exert themselves to the limit trying to win a round.

Common behaviour entails rigid movements, silence, and going for the same person in multiple lives.

"Are you mad because I killed you a couple of times? Quit being a tryhard."

A basic insult directed at a user's mother — a very flexible one, at that.

This term is very common around the internet.

"Are you that bad at this game?"

"No, your mom is worse."

A user, who has been permanently banned as per request and repeated cases of harassment.

The individual in question gained popularity due to his scathing criticisms and reviews about other user's suggestions and the user itself.

His name is occasionally thrown around when a user who is using thinks that he would have a field day ripping another user's suggestion apart.

A former in-game and Wikia moderator who is often referred to as "Wibzilla". She is a veteran moderator and also often the target for jokes.

A term utilized by the community to depict something or somebody that is shockingly imbecilic, revolting, and unpleasant.

In addition, Wibzilla also sucks at twerking, eats kids, and has a resemblance to Godzilla.

One of the few terms blurted out when a player dies.

Something you say after someone who's totally a hacker killed you, and you had little to no time to react before you died.

Or a Doge reference. It depends on context.

"Pssh, wow."

One of the few terms blurted out when a player dies. Overall, extremely common on the internet to express disbelief or surprise.

A term used when a player died without noticing what happened or how they died.

Nothing to note.

Nothing to note.

Nothing to note.

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