R-Brain Hardwork manufactures high-tier weapons, based on real life.

After Leftover Brains gained popularity, higher quality supplies, and more workers, naturally they decided to create bigger and better weapons. To keep costs down, the company decided to split in two, with the new half given the name Antialepso. As the name was generally hard to pronounce, the public just called them Thermo. Not that many people trusted Antialepso, so a deal was reached to help promote recognition, and the name R-Brain Hardwork was chosen.

ButtonDragunov-2 ButtonR870 ButtonM16A1-0 ButtonMinigun ButtonSpas12 ButtonFlamethrower
ButtonAK-47 ButtonCK Swat ButtonBarret50c ButtonThompson-0 ButtonM249 RPG-0
ButtonRambo-0 ButtonBell-0 ButtonKarambit ButtonChainsaw

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