"Everyone's favorite way to knock a zombie on the ground! It's got everything you need! It's free, does damage, you invulnerability?"
―Cheapskate Survivor


Survivors learned how to punch and kick way back in 2009, and it is such common knowledge that even the newest of survivors can do these moves with ease.

Punching is done with the "E" key while unequipped and consumes 10 energy. Your character with go into a combo, starting with the right fist, then the left fist, then finishing with an Uppercut before starting again. All punches do the same amount of damage to a zombie.

Kicking is done with the "Q" key while unequipped and consumes 11-12 energy. The kick will either go clockwise or counter-clockwise, but if it connects with a mob, the kick will push back and stun the mob. Whatever direction the kick does, it does the same amount of damage it would do if it went the other way.


  • All mobs are susceptible to this attack and will be stunned.
    • Edgars can still use their tongues to ensnare you.
    • Leapers may react a bit odd, and start zooming around the map. This is due to a glitch.
    • Brutes are still able to shield themselves, throw, and smash their clubs.
    • Elementals can still use Rebirth/Charge or Transform, provided they have enough stamina to do so.
  • The punch's hitbox can hit twice if you are close enough to a zombie.
  • Knockback is applied in the direction of whatever limb landed on the target. Kicks always push your foes back, but fists can knock an enemy into the air whenever you Uppercut.
    • Along with it, a stun is also applied to zombies unless they are in Idle mode.
      • If it is a zombified survivor, a ragdoll effect is applied instead.
    • Survivors with low energy during Free Brawl, or at all in Free For All and Team Deathmatch will ragdoll instead.
  • As melee weapons do not grant you Immunity in Rapid Infection, Punch and Kick are the only melee attacks to supply said Immunity.
  • It may give you invincibility for the duration of the move, but fire, explosions, and radiation will still be able to kill you.
    • Paired with a Candy Cane, or either the Prune or Pineapple Juice, repeatedly using these moves while running away can help reduce the damage taken while escaping from a mob.


  • Punching and kicking were in the old R2D, although it wasn't as useful since there were better melee options. However, the system was a bit broken, with the animations being very short. In turn, you could expend much energy in a small amount of time.

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