Here is where you can receive a little wink and a nudge on what could be coming to the game.

Confirmed = Will definitely happen. Unkn0wn = May or may not happen. Removed = Will never happen.

Try not to be too speculatory while editing this page. There has to be some reasonable ground for your claim.


Edit under this section if the elements found are from:

  • A Tweet from @XelPixels.
    • It has to be an official announcement and not as a response to somebody.
  • A Discord message.
  • A post on the Official Announcement board.

The message has to be explicit: "Yes, this is going to be added." Counter-intuitive as it is, PlaceRebuilder saying he will make something does not confirm it. No maybes, no compliments.

If there is no update on an element of the game here for 3 months, it will be moved into the unconfirmed section.


Confirmed Portland (Remake)

Confirmed New Quest/Boss


Edit under this section if elements found are from:

  • Rummaging through PlaceRebuilder's inventory.
    • Another user's model alone is not a valid piece of evidence. This has to be confirmed by other means.
  • An addition to the Debug server.
  • An acknowledgment.

Images aren't entirely reliable, so include a link whenever you can. It helps to prevent accusations of an image being altered in a program like Photoshop. This mostly applies to Forum posts, as a screenshot of any PlaceRebuilder reply can really be used anywhere. Something private like Direct Messaging can't exactly be checked on.

If there is no update on a piece of information here for, at maximum, 1 year, it will be moved into the rejected section.


Unkn0wn Space Station

Unkn0wn Trenches

Unkn0wn Sci-fi map


Unkn0wn Faraday Vest


Unkn0wn King Of The Hill

Unkn0wn Premium Crates

Unkn0wn Discombobulator

Unkn0wn Weapon Loadouts

Unkn0wn Sandbox Mode

Unkn0wn Mobile support

Unkn0wn Throwable Propane/Jerry Can

Unkn0wn Propane/Jerry Can Cooldown

Unkn0wn Willingly Starting as a Zombie

Unkn0wn Custom Armor

  • The ability to make your own custom armor. (Cost increases as more customization/health is added.

Unkn0wn Single Player Difficulties


Unkn0wn Jetpack return


Edit under this section if elements are explicitly said to not be coming to R2DA.


Removed M4A1 Remake


Removed Frost Skin for Toybow


Removed Barrel Magazine

Removed Drum mag for M16A1


Removed A Natural Selection 2-esque One

Removed Evacuation remake


Removed Sewer 2.0

Removed Anti-Virus Remake


Removed Power-ups


Removed Ice Elemental


Removed Slot Machine


Proof must be provided for elements in the confirmed section. Evidence for unconfirmed elements can still be added onto here, though.

Element Evidence
Mobile Compatibility
Screenshot (281)
Weapon Loadouts
Untitled - Google Chrome 2017-07-11 2 11 56 PM
Armor Customization
Bandicam 2017-08-07 13-46-43-305
Premium Crates
Screenshot 68
Sandbox Mode
Propane/Jerry Cooldown
Screenshot 195
Zombie Button feature
The Return Of Jetpack.2png
King Of The Hill Gamemode
Screenshot 250
Single Player Difficulties
Screenshot 2017-11-29 at 10.19.54 PM
Portland Remake
New Boss/Quest
King Cake 1
New Boss/Quest
King Cake 3

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