Party is another returning feature from R2D 2014 in R2DA that was added in v0.6.8.

In this system, with up to 3 other players, you earn a 50% bonus on Experience and Cash while all the other members are still alive. This also supplies a team chat, which you can easily use by typing "p", and then whatever text you need to say.

As another bonus, you will be able to see the status of your party members next to your own health bar, and you will be able to see their name tags at a much longer distance before it disappears. A now noticeable sound is played whenever they are pinned by a Leaper or captured by an Edgar.

How To Use

  1. Right-click the image of the person you're trying to invite in the main menu.
  2. Click "Invite".
  3. If they have joined, an orange text should appear in chat for you and all other members.

NOTE: Attempting to invite a user who has Auto-Party turned on will not work. Tell them before hand before you attempt to invite them.


  • +50% Experience and Cash, as long all of them are alive.
  • Extended visible name tag distance.
  • Ability to send private messages.
  • An addition to your HUD displaying their status.
    • If they are in danger, their portrait turns red.
    • If they are dead, their portrait turns grey and skull bones are displayed.
  • A sound alerting you that they're in danger.


  • Previously, the +50% bonus was only a +10% bonus.
  • In v7.9.0, an Auto-Party feature has been added.
    • Whenever you join a new game, you are automatically placed into a party.
    • If you don't like your team, you can turn the Auto-Party option in your Settings on and off again to join other randomly generated parties.
    • Since v0.9.6b, a filtering system has been applied to Party names to comply with ROBLOX's rules.

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