"Once a beautiful beach, now a zombie infested madness!"


An island-based map first introduced in the R2DA Pre-Demo. Unlike other maps, water does not kill you. You can still drown in it though, so that's a technicality.

Background Story

Panama Beach was one of the most beautiful islands in the world, so vacationing here was quite common. Before, you know, the SANI Virus struck.

Well, technically, it is still one of the most beautiful islands. There's just no-one else around to say it is. You can say it yourself, but there are a lot of zombies here to stop you from doing so.


This map features two islands, one small that serves as the survivor spawn, and one big, which covers the majority of the map. Both are surrounded by water with numerous palm trees dotted on the islands itself.

There is also a secret cave located within the map that can serves as a camping spot, although you can be easily overrun within it. Interestingly enough, there are no borders, meaning you can fall off the map if you are careless enough or are just looking for an easy way out.


  • Zombie spawns are also located fairly close to Ammo Stations, so take caution when going for a refill.
  • Unsurprisingly, water can extinguish you if you are on fire. This also makes killing an Elemental slightly easier.
  • Bullets can't penetrate water, so if needed as a zombie, you can hide within the water for some cover.
    • Explosive damage will still be able to kill you though.
  • Staying in the cave may seem like a good idea, but it's not a good spot late in a round.
    • Unless you seriously know what you're doing, it's probably best to avoid this area entirely.


  • The first map in R2DA, ever.
  • During Pre-Demo, Panama was referred to as 'TropicalTrouble'.
  • Before you were allowed to keep your avatar as a zombie, the zombies were beach-like.
  • This map used to not have any Ammo Stations while the game was in it's Pre-Demo stage. This is due to how the MP5 had infinite ammo at first.
  • Currently, map with the least amount of Supply Boxes, with the amazing total of one.
  • When loading on a Gamemode other than Campaign, the Boat can be seen for a split second before disappearing completely.
  • There are 2 treasure chests hidden within the map, but are more or less for visual appeal.