These pages that have been deemed important enough to be seen in the top bar under the "Obligative Pages" section.

They provide information on key pages within the Wikia, namely rules and who to contact whenever you have a problem with something that cannot be easily solved.


  • Rules: An in-depth look at what we'd like you to adhere to while you're here.
  • Home Page: The main homepage of the R2DA Wikia, and what you see when you launch this site.
  • Wikia Ban Guide: A look at what can get you booted from this Wikia.
  • Chat Ban Guide: A glance at what get can you booted from the Discord.
  • In-Game Ban Guide: A peek at what can get you booted from our Game.
  • Staff Team: The team behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Staff Guide: Guide for the few, but not the many.

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