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"They may be cannon fodder, but they're cash filled cannon fodder."


This is the most common type of infected found in the game. Its only form of attack is using its claws to inflict low damage, making it a rather underwhelming adversary in one on one combat.

However, caution must be taken when multiple common zombies group up, as one survivor can easily be killed by a horde of these creatures.

They are also slightly faster than survivors when walking, but this zombie can be easily farmed and hunted for quick cash, as they are the weakest type of zombie and have considerably low HP.

Background Story

Most survivors consider unmutated zombies that are just corpses reborn to be weak. However, in the early days of the outbreak, hordes of these zombies took many lives, as unprepared survivors quickly fell to groups that just kept coming.

About 50% of those who fall in battle become these monsters, who are emotionless, feel no pain (although fire causes a stinging sensation), and are shells of their former selves. Even if you think that you can get through to them, after all the years, everyone knows that there's no hope.

These zombies seem to be able to adapt to their surroundings slowly, increasing their lethality over long periods of time.


Basic Claw: A basic attack which has a base of 10 damage. Another point of damage is added on for every point invested into the Damage category. Consumes no energy.
Hold Shift
Sprint: Temporarily increases your walkspeed to 30 regardless of your former speed. This skill is disabled if your Speed statistic exceeds 30. Consumes 20 energy per second.



  • It is not recommended to use items or ammo on a single normal zombie due to the fact that they are easily killed.
    • Grouped up and combined with a Pipebomb however, is a good way to make some extra cash.
    • Be wary of those who have beefed up zombies. They may not give you cash and tank any explosion that is thrown their way.
    • If you find a common that has strayed from the horde, just melee it for a swift kill.
  • If you are playing on Survival or Hard, trying to keep the zombies from dying too quickly or damaging survivors may be a good idea in the long run.
    • A dedicated Bell user is recommended during those rounds, to distract them occasionally.
  • Remember, zombies are weak when alone, but are strong in numbers. Be alert and prepared when you spot an incoming horde.


  • In times of laziness, the Idle system has your back.
    • When in Idle mode, the AI allocates the skill points for you.
  • Try to form a horde with the other zombies and special infected to overwhelm players easily.
    • Otherwise, trying to surprise attack a survivor that's alone is a good option.
  • Use the Zombie Leveling System to get upgrades for your zombies such as health, damage, and speed. Leveled-up zombies are a deadly foe to go against.
    • Try to build your zombie to something strategic. Consider the map and the survivors you are going up against.
    • Being killed as a special infected will still grant you experience, but don't throw away those chances to play as one.
    • If you are being spawn killed, you can expect to get skills points easily.
  • If you are killed, and aren't revived through a Defibrillator, besides respawning as a zombie, there is an option to Zombify yourself for 20$.
    • If you buy a special infected while Zombified, your money will be wasted and you will not get your special infected.


  • If you punch, kick, or kill a Zombified survivor, they will ragdoll instead of tripping or exploding into pieces.
  • Before v0.7.2, if a player Zombified themselves, the survivor that killed them would get 50$.
    • This also worked for an Edgar and a Leaper if they were still holding the player who then Zombifies.
    • Prior to v1.0.2, Zombified players had 200 HP.
  • If a Zombified player wears a Firevest, it appears green.
  • Regardless of your body package, your body will automatically be set to the default blocky avatar every time you spawn as a normal zombie.
    • If you are using a body package and zombify yourself, you will still have your package until you die.
  • In the early stages of R2DA's development, you were unable to play as your ROBLOX avatar. You only played as zombies dressed up in clothes that were based on the overall theme of that particular map.
  • Zombies used to only have 100 HP Pre-Demo.
  • This is one of the four mobs that are compatible with Idle mode.
  • Normal zombies spawn with one of three skin colours: pale, light green, or dark green, and have this face.
    • Zombified players have dark green skin regardless and have this face.
  • During Rapid Infection, you do not respawn, but Zombify where you die.

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