NoobBuster is the R2DA security system that kicks a player when hacking is suspected, which triggers the system.

It kicks instead of banning because it can be falsely triggered without hacking in the first place.

Current Codes

Number Situation
NoobBuster x1 Unexpectedly hidden user
NoobBuster x2 In-game change of Community rank
NoobBuster x3 Security codetable did not load
NoobBuster x4 Remotely kicked from another server
NoobBuster x5 Requiring non-existent code
NoobBuster x6 Tried to talk as a Guest
NoobBuster x7 Tried to modcall as a Guest
NoobBuster x8 Loaded at an unknown time
NoobBuster x9 Unknown
NoobBuster x10 Unknown
NoobBuster x11 Unknown
NoobBuster x12 Unknown
NoobBuster x13 Unknown
NoobBuster x14 Digging as a Digger during restricted times
NoobBuster x15 Unknown
NoobBuster x16 Unknown

What are codes?

Codes are required to make sure no hacker can false fire RemoteEvents to damage other players.

What do I do if I'm NoobBusted?

Just re-join the game, it doesn't ban or hurt you in any way.

Why are some of the NoobBusters listed here hidden?

They are hidden on purpose. This is for security reasons.