Information regarding moderationship. Players ranked as Moderator+ are granted access to modcall history and the usage of commands below, their duty is to patrol servers and ban players who cause commotion.

Reference sheet for moderators.

Moderator Commands

ban [username] (reason) (days) - Bans the player from the game. Permban if given without days.

kick  [username] - Kicks the player out of the server.

kill [username] - Kills the player.

kill all - Kills all players.

endgame - Ends the current round.

warn [message] - Displays chat message in capital red.

hide - Becomes invisible in the leaderboard and menu.

unhide - Becomes visible in the leaderboard and menu.

w [username] (message) - Whispers a message to the player.

joinplayer  [username] - Joins the players server.

4+ unlisted commands.


  • All bans needs a reason. Without it the ban is not legit and can be revoked upon request.
  • Permban is meant to be used against hackers, nothing else. (There are exceptions, only for headmod+)
  • Abuse of mod power may lead to removal of modship or even permban.
  • Commands inside ( ) brackets, NOT [ ] brackets, means optional. Command works with or without it.
  • Some commands are not listed for security reasons.
  • Developers are limited from using certain commands.
  • Official Developers, Moderators and Administrators will have a tag on leaderboard next to their usernames.
  • Hackers can be reported by contacting Head Moderators+, with raw video footage as proof.
  • Developers+ can wield FATAL5.
  • In bold: not hidden.

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