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Moderator applications are now closed.

But i'll appreciate if you read what's below first. Unless you want to be a dummy, then go for it.

Moderator Applications

This page will show you how to submit an application to become a moderator for Reason 2 Die Awakening. You should be aware of the restrictions, and the correct way to format your application before sending it in. Failing to follow these may disqualify you from becoming a moderator or land you with a ban.

Make sure your ROBLOX privacy settings allows all users to send you private messages.

Also, don't post your application below in the comments, it won't get you anywhere.

The requirements below are outdated, don't completely rely on them.


Q: How do I know if I'm eligible?

If you have previously done any of the following, you may not be eligible:

Not Eligible: Hacked, or previously exploited R2D, or any other games on ROBLOX.

Not Eligible: If you have been permbanned, or banned from R2D or R2DA. This includes Wikia bans.

Not Eligible: If you don't speak fluent and proper English.

Not Eligible: If you are constant or known trouble maker.

Not Eligible: Due to all extensive purposes, if you're a terrible person.

Eligible: Contributing person to R2D, Wikia, or the community.

Eligible: Are a community member in good standing.

Eligible: Does not have outbursts, rage or bad temper.

Eligible: Can communicate with the team.

Eligible: Can keep your cool in tough situations.

Eligible: Does not get jealous or defy your superiors; authority.