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Moderator Applications

This page will show you how to submit an application to become a moderator for Reason 2 Die Awakening. You should be aware of the restrictions, and the correct way to format your application before sending it in. Failing to follow these may disqualify you from becoming a moderator or land you with a ban.

Make sure your ROBLOX privacy settings allows all users to send you private messages.


Q: How do I know if I'm eligible?

If you have previously done any of the following, you may not be eligible:

Not Eligible: Hacked, or previously exploited R2D, or any other games on ROBLOX.

Not Eligible: If you have been permbanned, or banned from R2D or R2DA. This includes Wikia bans.

Not Eligible: If you don't speak fluent and proper English.

Not Eligible: If you are constant or known trouble maker.

Not Eligible: Due to all extensive purposes, if you're a terrible person.

Eligible: Contributing person to R2D, Wikia, or the community.

Eligible: Are a community member in good standing.

Eligible: Does not have outbursts, rage or bad temper.

Eligible: Can communicate with the team.

Eligible: Can keep your cool in tough situations.

Eligible: Does not get jealous or defy your superiors; authority.

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