Be smart.
You can be banned for not using the Modcall responsibly, and never be allowed to use it again after.


Modcall is a feature in R2DA that is located at the bottom right of the screen. Use it to call any Moderator that is available on another server to settle any problems that are affecting the game negatively or unfairly.

You need to be at least Rank 2 to use it, but Guests at any rank cannot use it. If you have been banned because of an abused Modcall, this feature will be disabled for you permanently.

Steps and Proper Usage


  1. Modcall 1
    Click the "Modcall" button. A disabled Modcall button is grey-ish in colour.
  2. Modcall 2
    Type the reason(s) why a Moderator should come.
  3. Modcall 3
    Click "Yes" if the reason is appropriate. (Check Below)


  • If you see a hacker/exploiter/glitcher in-game, DO NOT tell them you are calling a Moderator or else it is extremely likely they will leave the game to avoid the law.
  • Always keep proof! (Example: Recording (F12 Key) or a Screenshot (PrtSc Key))
  • Other ways, and probably more effective ways, of getting proof include

Eligible Modcalls


  • Screenshot or make a video about the hacker or glitcher and send the video link in Discord or in this Wikia. It also helps for wrong bans.
  • Whenever you Modcall, say something professional, not silly and stupid. The Moderators will think of it as a joke or prank, which will lead to a ban.
  • To increase the likelihoods of a successful ban, tell the Moderators the name of the Exploiter in R2DA or the R2DA Discord, and/or send proof of their actions in R2DA Discord.
    • In the event of the rule breaker's name being censored, inform the moderator the appearance or other useful information about the rule breaker.
  • It may take up to five minutes for a Moderator to arrive, so be sure to always Modcall as soon as you can.


  • The Moderators can only see the Modcalls in-game.
  • Many people have been banned due to abusive Modcalls.
  • It's recommended to have a Discord account to communicate with Moderators, increasing the usefulness of the overall system.

A flowchart of a Modcall process.

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