"Capable of mowing down waves of zombies in seconds, the Minigun is the perfect gun to dominate the battlefield with its six rotating barrels!"


The M134 Minigun, or Minigun for short, is a heavy machine gun that has the capability of shredding zombies apart in a matter of seconds.

This Minigun has a 150 round capacity, but has the disadvantage of a 1.5 second rev-up time and a long reload time. A big disadvantage of using this is being unable to refill at Ammo Stations. The Bandolier is the only way to supply ammo, and even then it's only an extra clip.

All zombies fear this weapon, which can shred them into pieces of blood and bone in seconds. This is a crowd-control weapon. Treat it is as such.

Background Story

After their victory, the survivors thought that Lord Pumpkin was no more, and that they could lead their usual days of zombie killing. However, what they didn't know is that Lord Pumpkin had a son. Enraged with his father's death, he remained unseen for a couple of years, until the time came. He rose from the ashes and was more powerful than the survivors could ever imagine. Their usual weapons were barely putting a dent in the ferocious fruit. R-Brain Hardwork was called upon to create a weapon that might be able to triumph over the wrath of Lord Pumpkin's son, and so the Minigun was created.


  • Any weapon is capable of being the best weapon. Don't let it get to your head through by just owning the Minigun you are suddenly invincible.
  • Use a melee weapon or have a reliable backup on hand, as this weapon won't save you from everything.
  • Equipping this weapon means you stand a greater chance against Brutes at close range, so try to be revved up by the time you choose to engage the Brute - or any threat in general.
    • Try to rev up the Minigun a bit before encountering a Brute, it is always good to have a surprised Brute than one that waits.
  • Using this for the longer rounds such as Survival isn't recommended, but if you must, remember to equip the Bandolier.
  • You cannot reload this weapon at an ammo table. Conserve your ammunition.
    • Besides that, always keep notice of your current ammo. You don't want to run out of ammo while mowing down a Brute or hoard of zombies.
  • This weapon halves your walking speed when equipped, and you cannot sprint with it. On top of this, the weapon takes 1.5 seconds to rev up before it can fire. Position yourself wisely.
    • Players can kill you if you don't start up your Minigun quick enough in Free For All, be careful.
  • If you plan to overuse this, crouch. Like most other guns, this also benefits from crouching.


  • This is the second weapon to return from R2D 2014, with the first being the M16A1.
    • This was formerly the most expensive gun in R2DA, which has since been beaten by the M249.
  • This is one of the two guns in the game that slow you down, with the other being the M249.
  • Prior to v1.0.2, you had to be Rank 15 to unlock this gun for purchase.
  • The Minigun was released in the version where Halloween 2016 started.
    • During the Event, this was the best bet to fight against Lord Pumpkin Jr as long as a healthy amount of people had it.
  • When the Minigun was released, it was available as a Gamepass for 5000R$ as an alternative way to buy it.
    • This option also came back during winter and spring for a special sale.
    • Currently, the Gamepass is currently on sale to celebrate the 100th Version.
  • In Debug, the Minigun could automatically spin the barrel at one point, but the automatic was changed into a manual at a later time.
  • The iteration in R2DA has a different firing sound than what is heard in R2D 2014.
  • In real life, a Minigun has a capacity of 300 rounds compared to the 150 you see in-game.

PlaceRebuilder, the creator of R2DA, holding a newly-released Minigun on the Lord Pumpkin Jr. map.

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