Melee Smash is a PvP Gamemode similar to Free For All and Free Brawl, where there is a everyone-for-themselves fight, except that you can only use melee weapons.



  • Only melee weapons are allowed in this mode.
    • Equipping a gun is a waste of a slot so don't bring them.
  • You can still kick and punch if you do not have a melee.
  • As of v1.0.0, you can now use Double Equip for interesting melee combos, such as the Karambit and the Axe.
  • The Axe is by far the best weapon for this mode, as it basically removes all chances for counterplay — using a Rambo Knife, Baseball Bat, or Shovel leaves you open for a counter attack, while then with the Axe, one swing and it's over.
    • This doesn't mean other melee options are useless, however, as the stun can possibly turn around a fight if you can hit the Axe user first.
      • For example, the Shovel has massive range compared to other melees which can benefit you against a Rambo Knife user. It's also surprisingly deadly.


  • Hiding behind cover and attempting to bait impatient people into an easy kill is a good strategy to pick some people off.
  • Don't play too aggressive — running out of stamina almost always means you will lose a fight.
  • Run away from someone, then turn around quickly and attack them to catch them off-guard.
  • When facing someone in a 1v1, try to feint and hit them right after they miss.
  • An Axe may seem intimidating but just take the chance to hit them as fast as possible. A stun melee is recommended.


  • As with Team Deathmatch, you have 100 or 110 health depending if you are in the R2DA Community group or not.
  • This is the first PvP gamemode to not be an exclusive gamemode.
  • If the last two players kill each other simultaneously, it will result in a game over and no-one will win the round.

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